10 Weird Body Sounds and The Reason Behind It

We sure get embarrassed a lot of times when we are with our friends or colleagues and suddenly your stomach starts growling because of hunger or you fart in public. No, it’s not just you dear, it’s natural with all of us.

So, here’s the explanation of all those unwelcoming sounds which our body makes day in and day out:

1. Ear Whooshing
When you relax on your bed after a long and hectic day at work, you hear a strange sound from your ear “whoosh.” And this noise becomes louder when your pillow blocks your ear. Now, if this sound can be heard during the daytime, it may mean that you have some infection or allergy. Not to worry, this whooshing sound will go by itself but if it doesn’t, then better consult a doctor.

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2. Cracking Neck
Your Neck is cracking, well, that doesn’t mean you’re getting old; it’s just a sound. Our neck is made up of numerous joints which are filled with fluids. So when we bend our neck, the fluid turns into gas and gives a cracking sound. If the cracking is coupled with pain for a longer time, it’s advisable to see a doctor.

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3. Stomach Gurgling
Almost everyone must have been experiencing this odd sound many times. There are two main reasons for the rumbling of your gut. One, you’ve just had your dinner and the stomach is processing the food which generates sound. Two, you are very hungry and your brain sends a signal to stomach in the form of weird sound.

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4. Wheezing While Twisting
While doing yoga, you would be hearing a wheezing sound very often. The reason: when we twist, the air which moves from our guts passes through an airway which is narrow. So, the thing is there’s no problem with it unless you are facing problems while breathing.

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5. Queefing
Ladies and girls, it’s quite likely that you have experienced a fart which passes through your vagina. Don’t get embarrassed. It’s just the air which is passing out of a vagina. It mostly happens when you’ve had an intercourse or have done some exercises. Queefing is very normal and has no side-effects.

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6. Popping Shoulder
If you are stretching your arm, a popping type of sound comes up. Probably this has come because of an inflammation in the joint of your shoulder. It doesn’t need to be that serious and it goes by itself.

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7. Ringing Sound
You are sitting just like that and eventually you hear a “ring…ring” sound in your ear. Don’t go mad because this happens with a lot of other people too. Hair cells in the ear or infection or a loud voice can be the reason for this abrupt ringing.

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8. Hiccups
You might be irritated by the untimely hiccups especially when you are sitting with people. The reason is that our windpipe narrows down when the diaphragm contracts. When we eat very quickly or if we consume too much alcohol, it’s bound to happen. Short bouts of the hiccups are perfectly fine, but if it retains for a longer duration, it must be checked.

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9. Nose whistling
It very annoying when your nose involuntarily starts whistling while at work. The reason is that probably your airflow is facing certain obstruction, for example, mucus accumulation. If you have a nasal trauma and then the whistling sound occurs, it’s better to get it evaluated.

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10. Wheezing During Cough
Wheezing does come up during a cough. It might be a starting of asthma (in the severe cases). It’s advisable to get it checked by a doctor if you experience both the things at the same time.

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