Astoria VR : Welcomes You All To The Virtual Reality World!

Astoria VRAstoria VR :- Virtual reality is something that tech enthusiasts, gamers and nerds dream about. However, technology has rapidly progressed over the past few decades and if talking about present days then virtual reality is no longer a dream, but it is something which people can enjoy and access all over the world. Virtual reality is used for many purposes, specifically for arcades and some other spaces as well. However, these days people can experience virtual reality but the availability of these gadgets is still a very big challenge.

Keeping this in mind, many companies have stepped forward so as to make at-home virtual reality gadgets and one of the most widely selling and popular products that are allowing users to experience the world of virtual reality is- Astoria VR.

It’s a 3D headset that lets you enjoy mind-blowing virtual reality experience. This device has been launched recently on the market and it helps you escape the reality and experience the wonderful virtual reality world. With this gadget, you can enjoy watching movies, games and other activities. How? Simply by using this all-new device with your smartphone. The working, features, benefits and other details of this device are mentioned below in this fair review. So just go through it so as to know what makes it WOW.

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Tell me more about Astoria VR

Do you want to feel like experiencing sports the way you never did before? Do you love to play thrilling games but unable to afford their actual cost? Do you like watching your favorite movies and TV shows in a 3D mode? If your response is YES, then Astoria VR is the only thing you require. It’s a new device that utilizes your mobile phone so as to refine your experience with widely-known virtual reality.

This headset fits well with your smartphones (Including Androids and all iPhones) and uses the processing power so as to bring a 360 degree real-life 3D virtual reality adventure. It is only available on the Internet and is ranked #1 on the market due to its mind-blowing features and advantages. It can help you enjoy everything you are looking forward from outer space, national park tours, sporting events, TV shows, movies, thrilling games and YouTube videos.

Astoria VR Working

How does it work?

As specified above, utilizing Astoria VR is actually very easy. First, it doesn’t require any kind of setup, as soon as you get it, you can begin using it. Firstly, before using this device you need to choose the virtual reality application. This can annoy you a little since this headset helps you to access many applications of videos, games and movies. But it basically supports Netflix, Hulu, Discovery VR, NYTVR and other VR applications.

Now, once you pick the application of your preference, just place your phone (Smartphone) into this headset. As it is compatible with all the smartphones ranging from 4.7 inches – 6 inches. This huge range permits users of varying phone types and operating systems to use this gadget devoid of any fuss. Third, when the mobile phone is placed properly, you can comfortably and easily adjust this headset on your head, using comfortable and ergonomic design foam cushion to stay well on the head.

So this is how this virtual reality device works. You really don’t need to setup anything extra when using this gadget. Just use it as directed to avoid every kind of issue. Keep reading this review will disclose many other things about this all-new product.

Talking about the product’s specifications!

Below mentioned is the specifications of Astoria VR. Read them carefully before you begin using it. This new and advanced product comes with 6 mind-blowing features which are:

  • It has a 20mm Focal Adjuster Knob which can be easily adjusted
  • It contains a Magnetic Front Plate that is useful for augmented reality capabilities
  • For best resolution, it has 8-Layers highly durable Nano-Coating Lens
  • It comprises high tensile Headband that is comfortable and effortless to carry
  • For rotating distance, it has a Side Knob which is also adjustable
  • It also comes with a high-quality Leather Foam and Ergonomic design Cushion

Real users’ real experiences!

  • Olive E. shares “My kids love watching 3D animated movies but that costed me a lot. You can say watching those 3D movies regularly were out of my budget. Then one day I was searching over the Internet and at that time I came to know about Astoria VR, a 3D virtual reality gadget that made my kids happy and helped them to enjoy the world of 3D animated movies at home only. My kids are totally happy with this device.”
  • Barry W. shares “I completely loved Astoria VR. This device welcomed me to the 3D world. I just need to fit my iPhone in it and wear it. With the help of this gadget, I was able to play thrilling games and enjoy watching 3D videos. It was easy to wear. And it is absolutely mind-blowing. This gadget helped me to escape from reality and experience the best 3D videos. Do buy it.”

Astoria VR Results

Where to buy?

To avail 80% discount on Astoria VR, just purchase it today only merely by using the link and simply clicking the image which is mentioned below. Hurry up and order your pack today only before the stock ends up. When you will use the link then a form will appear, just fill it completely and wait for your package to reach within 1-3 days. So, acquire it today only!

Do I have to setup anything before using Astoria VR?

Absolutely not! This gadget just uses the power of your smartphone and works amazingly so that you easily enjoy VR world without any kind of fuss. With this dynamic device, you can say a big NO to paying thousands of dollars for complicated and gimmicky products. Using this headset will save you from special and extra computer setup that is actually very time-taking and annoying too. So, use this gadget and be ready to experience the amazing world of VR.

What exciting offers I can opt?

Presently, the makers are granting an additional 80% discount on their product. Based on that there are few offers you can go for as per your own convenience. We have specified a few of them.

  • Buy one Astoria VR headset- $59 only
  • Buy 4 devices for $169- (Per unit- $42.25)
  • Buy 10 gadgets for $350- (Per unit- $35.00)
  • Buy 15 gadgets for $525- (Per unit- $35.00)

Astoria VR Review