Yoni Massage–The Secret Unveiled

Femininity is the power as well as the beauty of a woman. It must not only be treated as a form of pleasure rather, it must be honored and respected in every possible way. The way to feel a pleasurable trip into the heart of a woman’s blooming femininity is Yoni Massage!

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Yoni or Vagina is a very personal and receptive organ of a female body which wants to be loved and respected at the same time. Due to the increasing cases of rape and inappropriate touching, women tend to land up into the pit of trauma and feel disconnected from their own bodies and sexuality. Yoni massage can, however, help in healing the scars and empowers them with the power of regaining control over their sexuality and trust on their partner. This process deals in loving and respecting the sacred organ of a female body, but the goal is not about providing her with a great orgasm, rather it is about sexual healing. When expectation is not the aim, she experiences an absolute and deep pleasure.

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# Proper Navigation leads to Desired Destination

Before allowing your hands to discover the deep corners of a woman’s body, it is important to create a comfortable space and light environment for her where she can experience great pleasure from her Yoni.

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The first and foremost thing which must be practiced is the exercise of deep breathing and this must be practiced by both, the receiver and the giver. Taking deep breaths will help you in staying calm throughout the act. Next, you need to set the right temperature and right ambiance for the massage. I already told you that she needs to feel comfortable, so, you need to set a warm room temperature for making her feel relaxed. Also, she might not like the bright light of the room so, make sure you have light onto enough candles to maintain the balance between dim and bright. Soft and light music can also make her adjust to the environment, but, just remember it should not act as an act of disturbance between you two. Soft cushions, blankets and towels also add to the fabric of pleasure for your partner.

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# Fulfilling the Deep Pleasures of a Woman

As stated earlier, Yoni massage is not about orgasm, but it is about pleasure. Communication between the partners is what should be the vital feeling achieved after performing the massage. Well, for doing so, one needs to learn the proper method..

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# Patience and Patience!

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For achieving the highest stage of pleasure, the first thing you need to learn this to maintain patience. To make your woman feel the pleasure, you must nurture her sexual feelings thus, allowing her to feel the sensations within her.

# Connection matters

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Building a deep connection with your woman will help in settling things easily. So, begin your massage by placing one hand on your partner’s heart center and another on her Yoni. Now, sink into her body in a very soft and delicate manner.

# Light up to her Fire

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After making her feel comfortable, now it’s time to ignite the sexual fire within her. Stroke up and down in her groin crease by using your thumb and index finger. You can even add feathers to your creativity by making circles on the same path with the help of your fingertips, gently squeezing her pussy lips. Stroke with one finger from the top of her Yoni, covering her outer and inner pussy lips and finally landing on her Yoni sides. But, do remember to ignite the fire slowly and gently.

# Include the Perineum

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Now, it’s time to go a little deeper. Stroke down from her pubic bone, over her clit, to the opening of her Yoni to the perineum. This area is highly sensitive and filled with nerves, so it can actually serve as an organ to trigger her orgasm. Continue this stroking for atleast 2 minutes in a highly soft manner.

# Move on to Urethra


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Moving further, is urethra, which is located between her clit and Yoni opening. This is the spot before going for her G-spot. However, if you tend to feel a bone while rubbing, then you have nailed it right. Rub in circles with your fingertips across this area without putting any hard pressure on it.

P.S. You can even draw letters like M, W and Z over here to provide her with the intense sensations.

# Entrance of the Yoni

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Here you are! You have almost reached there and that demands you to work more intensely on this area. Use your finger slowly circling the entrance of her Yoni. You will only be able to achieve your goal after pleasing her here. So, go with a soft and very slow manner.

# The Final Destination

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Try to make small circles on the top of her Yoni, with the aim of each one going deeper and deeper inside. Yes, yes, you have landed there safely. This is her G-spot!

The moment it becomes aroused, you will be able to feel the changing texture of her skin under your fingers. Stroke here slowly and then raising level as per the response to her groaning. This will trigger an orgasm that can even last for 2-3 minutes.

# Hold her till the end

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During the moments of her intimate sensations, hold her tightly or you can even hold on to her breast and stroke slowly in her Yoni to make her feel relaxed. Cuddling afterwards, is also regarded as the best option for making her feel loved.

Trust me, this is the best and intense way of making her feel special and regaining her sexuality. So, don’t wait and let your partner enjoy the deep pleasures of feeling aroused and relaxed, both at the same moment! 🙂