G700 Flashlight : Military Grade Flashlight everyone needs

G700 Flashlight :- Electricity cuts may not be a norm but rising security concern is. With the electricity industry growing and developing new means for better lighting, you can invest in some really good LED security measures. Keeping a flashlight handy is plain textbook but making sure that the flashlight goes a long way and works even when it is pitch black is important. Dealing with a power outage is another issue but G700 Flashlight claims to be among the feasible options available on their market. Promising to be much brighter and better compared to the plastic halogen ones, G700 Flashlight promises to yield results through its advanced technology composition. But is it worth it? Find out.

What is G700 Flashlight?

The official website states that it is made from aircraft aluminum and has a durable tactical flashlight which makes it stand apart in a world of plastic and halogen flashlights.

G700 Flashlight has been launched recently and is sold as an advanced solution in the light technology. Most people don’t like carrying around chunky plastic halogen flashlights which normally run on the conventional C or D batteries. A negative factor that makes most people dislike the available lights is that they are not easy to use at all. They break quite fast and have very dim light that doesn’t scatter well. G700 Flashlight claims that it has given the flashlight industry a new dynamic. Made using the same sort of metal (aluminum) that is used in manufacture of aircrafts, this flashlight emphasizes its exterior as well as interior durability.

The flashlight requires three AAA batteries to run and work through its 700 blinding Lumens which strengthens the light.

What’s unique about G700 Flashlight?

Sold as a military grade flashlight, G700 Flashlight states that its durability and amazing ease of use is what makes it so good.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs a brighter flashlight that works in dense atmosphere with dim or low lights or in any sort of surroundings can use it. From hunters, firemen, detectives to anyone who likes exploring or would just like a reliable flashlight handy can use it. A flashlight is a must have gear for any emergency kit so it is quite a basic necessity. Dimensions of G700 Flashlight are 6.18 inches (length), 1.37 Inches (Head Focus), 1.10 inches (Handle).

What are the key features of G700 Flashlight?

G700 Flashlight is a military grade, high performance flashlight and it comes these features:

  • Fairly user friendly with easy to operate mechanism and easy to carry because of compact shape and light weight
  • Made with Military grade aluminum which makes it stronger and durable
  • Ultra Tough Flashlight
  • Beveled Edge offers self defense
  • Comes in five distinct modes namely Strobe light, High light, SOS light, Medium light and Low light
  • Has 5 distinct focus zoom options (x2000, x1000, x500, x250, x1)
  • Is waterproof
  • Evenly scattered light that doesn’t get dim with distance and stays bright
  • Contains 700 blinding Lumens
  • High performing, low cost and long lasting solution

How much does it cost?

An online order can be placed for G700 Flashlight at its official website. There is an ongoing offer that makes 75% discount available on the items so you can purchase this military grade flashlight for a substantially lower price through the ongoing offer.

Is it recommended?

G700 Flashlight is recommended because it is not only durable but also available through a great deal! It is a value for money product with its feasible exterior that lasts long and is able of surviving harsh climates.

Moreover, the functions are pretty easy to operate and anyone can use it without needing to deal with a lot of battery changing hassle. It even cuts the cost of getting new batteries or changing the flashlight because it is durable. Most people have recommended using it and the recommendations largely come from those working in the private security sector. The product is vastly favored by security companies, explorers who have found it to be far more cost saving and user friendly.