Nawaz Sharif Nods To Attend Inauguration Ceremony of Modi

Putting an end to several speculations Pakistan’s Prime minister has nodded to attend the oath ceremony of Mr Narendra Modi as the new Prime Minister of India. During election campaign Modi has shown some tough stances on several matters associated with Pakistan including cross border terrorism, ceasefire violation and remarks related to Dawood Ibrahim. After victory in general elections, Modi has softened his stance toward Pakistan and shown some initiations toward maintenance of peaceful relation between two countries.


According to reports Nawaz Sharif spokesperson confirms that Nawaz Sharif will attend the inauguration of Prime minister-designate Narendra Modi, the first of its kind between two arch nuclear rivals. Apart from Nawaz Sharif, Modi has also invited head of other SAARC countries to his inauguration ceremony. This first time in Indian history when foreign heads of countries and diplomats are being invited to attend oath ceremony of designated prime minister.

Relations between the two countries have seen several ups and down. It consists three wars that were fought between the two countries over disputed issue of Kashmir. In recent years efforts of relationship building has gone to roller coaster with terror attack on Mumbai in 2008. Some steps to restore business has been fruitful to some extent but other bilateral relations has been frozen.


In Pakistan there were many lobbies that were against the visit of Pak Prime minister to India specially during the inauguration ceremony of Modi, the new PM of India. There were many talks whether Nawaz Sharif will succumb to internal pressure and decline the proposal. Today’s decision can be a guiding star for easing down tension between two countries. Despite of all opposition vast section of general public in both countries want harmonious relation. Saturday’s decision strengthen voice of the section in Pakistan that wants normal relation with India.

According to state-run Pakistan TV Mr Nawaz Sharif is likely to meet Indian President Mr Pranav Mukherji during his visit. The move to invite the heads of SAARC nations is seen as an exercise to have friendly relation to its neighbors.