Am I Pregnant? Symptoms And Confirmation!

The feeling of going through a turmoil of mood swings, feeling sick and weak most of the times, searching washrooms to urinate and this all you experience or there is much more to it? No, I am not a Doctor nor I am asking you all this in general. Hmm-hmm, finding me mysterious? Well, I am not and here’s the revealed mystery behind my inquiry..



Before revealing things let me ask you few more things. Have you ever gone through the awesome feeling of having or feeling something inside your stomach, some waves moving inside your tummy, something developing inside you? Yes, you nailed it right, I am talking about pregnancy! The only process of being a mother or entering the first stage of being a woman is truly amazing and exciting. The news of having a child fills a woman with the topmost feeling of zeal and joy. But, but, to get confirmed about this stage of your womanhood? Here, comes my role of being your well-wisher. Do not worry, I am here to announce the great news of your pregnancy by making you aware about its symptoms. So, hear it out ‘would-be-mothers’! 😉

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# Missing A Period


This is the well known symptom of pregnancy. Many women tend to consider themselves as being pregnant, after missing on to their periods. If you are always regular on periods and suddenly you miss out 1 or 2, then it is quite anticipated that you are pregnant. Wow congos!

Although, it is however, not a sure shot sign as you may tend to miss out your periods because of polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition in which periods can occur several months apart. Well, do not lose hope as there are other signs too.

# Tenderness Of The Breast


This pregnancy symptoms can be observed after few days of your conception. As you become pregnant, your body starts accepting changes as per the condition. The breasts of women becomes enlarged as they are preparing themselves for breastfeeding. It is also claimed by many women that they tend to feel sharp and tingling sensation in their breasts during this time. However, this tenderness often disappears a few weeks after of being pregnant, hence it can be treated as an early sign of pregnancy.

# Feelings of Vomiting And Nausea


Feeling sick is the most common complaint experienced by most women during 5th or 6th week of their pregnancy. It is often termed as morning sickness and can vary from a faint sensation to vomiting and even nausea. Though it is known as morning sickness, but it can occur at any point of time during the day. It although tends to disappear towards the end of first trimester.

# Tiredness


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Fatigue or feeling lazy is often experienced by many women during their pregnancy times. Although, it is suggested not to rely on this factor purely as it might have caused due to many other reasons or it may be just there in your mind.

# Darkening Of The Areola

The darkening of the areola around your nipples can be observed throughout your pregnancy period. So, if you have noticed this, then, it is sure sign of being pregnant.

# Frequent Urination


After 2 weeks of your conception, you will be able to experience this symptom very easily. After you being pregnant, your uterus begins to raise up to the level of abdomen and this pressure works towards reducing your bladder size, thus leading to urination. Due to the rising levels of the pregnancy hormone progesterone, the bladder muscles starts getting stimulated and this might make you feel full and you might even feel like urinating even when there is no such need.

# Changes In Taste And Smell


Well, this is again the common symptom of pregnancy. It is claimed by many women that they have developed a different sense of taste towards food. Some foods make them go wow, while others give a strange metallic taste to their taste buds.

# Constipation



Our digestive system is controlled by our hormonal changes during our pregnancy times. However, it is advised to have a proper balanced diet and maintain regular bowel movements, in case of you being pregnant.

# Mood swings



Hormone levels plays a great role during your pregnancy times. As the amount of oestrogen and progesterone increases in your blood, it is surely expected to affect your mood. You might feel emotions at your peak and it can be either good or even bad, you might feel highly happy or more depressed or even anxious than usual.

These are just the symptoms, which might help in generating a hope within you of you being pregnant, but I know your hope needs confirmation too. So, here are some tests which can add more happiness to your present state of zeal.

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# Home Pregnancy Tests



These are the most practiced tests, which can be done even at home. You can buy any pregnancy test kit from your nearest drug store and can check your pregnancy state. It works by detecting the level of HCG in your urine. If the color of the strip changes, then it is estimated that you are pregnant. However, this surely calls for an appointment with your doctor.

# Office Urine Test

It also works by detecting the level of HCG in your urine. It is considered 100% accurate and does not require you to urinate in the early morning. It also determines the true signs and symptoms of being pregnant.

# Pregnancy Blood Test



This pregnancy test gives you positive or negative result by detecting the level of your HCG. It detects your blood level and helps in determining what care to be given, depending on your pregnancy condition.

# Internal Exam



4-6 weeks after your conception, the doctor examines you internally and provides you with a definite proof of you being pregnant. Thickening of vaginal tissues and the softening of your uterus are the signs which are detected through this test.

I am sure, you must have learned many things about yourself and your pregnancy condition. If these conditions matches with your recent state, then congos, YOU ARE PREGNANT! But, if not, then better luck for the next time. 🙂

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