9 Benefits of Post Natal Massage for New Mothers!!

The arrival of a baby brings a set of new tasks like changing diapers and stress to a female’s body like carrying, lifting or holding the baby for long time. If you’ve recently delivered a baby then you need to go for post natal massage because it speeds up the process of your body’s recovery and rejuvenates your mood. These post delivery massages help cope with baby blues and post delivery depression! 

Here are some Benefits of post natal massage and reasons why every women who has recently delivered should try this-

Post Natal Massage makes you feel Relaxed

Every woman feel stressed after delivery. Carrying the baby all the time can easily stress out a woman mentally and physically as well. So take post natal massage and relax your tired body.

Liberates you from Body Pain

After delivery a woman goes through with a number of pains in areas like back, neck, thighs, and legs. Post natal massage gives you relief from all these pains. Massage your target areas for few minutes and have a painless and good sleep.


Helps in the Improvement of Blood Circulation

Body massage amplifies the flow of blood throughout the body. In addition to giving you relief, it also increases the supply of oxygen for a better circulation of blood.

Increases your Milk Production

A new mom should go for post natal massage because it not only prevents your breasts from sagging but also increases the production of milk. Massaging also opens the clogged ducts in the breasts.

Tightens Muscles

Muscles loosen up for labor during pregnancy. You can easily massage your whole body at home to stay fit and tone down your muscles for a slim body.

Increases Joint Mobility

Post natal massage helps your joints move friction free after the pregnancy. It also helps ease cramps and spasms. Post delivery Massages also benefits muscle soreness and relaxes muscle tension which is very much the reason why new mothers feel lazy, lethargic and tired all the time!

Restores the Original Size of Uterus

A woman goes through with many bodily changes during pregnancy and child birth. After the delivery of baby body takes time to get back into shape especially the uterus takes time to come back in its actual shape. A nourishing and regular massage adjusts the uterus to its normal size and makes you feel more relaxed and comfy.

Decreases the Appearance of Stretch Marks

During pregnancy stretch marks is a common and ugly problem faced by every new mom. You cannot remove them completely but daily massage can surely reduce them from your legs, abdomen and other parts.

Skin Exfoliation

Postnatal massage removes out all the dead skin which improves your complexion and skin texture. also lightens stretch marks as there are various oils and lotions used for the massage. 

After delivery, especially caesarian, the body takes time to recover, post natal massages becomes essential for a new mom. So, if you are a new mom, try post natal massage and energize yourself.


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