5 Brilliant Dating Tips For Women – Check These Out!!

Women generally worry about committing mistakes while on a date and questions that arise in their mind could be- Will he be impressed by my dressing style? Should I tell some jokes in front of him? Will he like my jokes? And so on…

Though we all hear from our elders that “the first impression is the last impression” and while on a first date it makes sense too, but it is also very important either not to go overboard and make extra attempt to become someone who is not you in reality. One golden rule to remember is to be relaxed and be yourself.

Here in through this article we are going to discuss some easy steps to make you comfortable and at ease during your first date. Read on to find out…

Some Dating Tips for Women-

What to Wear- Dress up nicely, in fact decently. You don’t have to look all decked up nor make him feel that he is so not welcomed. Always wear comfortable clothes that do not hamper your movements nor make you feel embarrassed.


Do Something Fun– First thing that you should keep in mind while going on a date is to do something that seems interesting and fun for both of you. Try out some new restaurants or take a stroll through a museum to comfort you and your partner. However if you are with a man whom you hardly know, you can opt for activities to make both of you occupied such as bowling, watching movie etc.


Be Positive– While on a date it is very important to have positive attitude. Find things which are good about him. Compliment him about his looks, clothes and how good the date going on. Keep in mind that you don’t have to exaggerate things or lie as this could even ruin his mood.

No Complaints– This is one of the most crucial and important dating tip. It doesn’t mean that you can’t tell him if you are not feeling comfortable but the way you convey your message and the tone you use to say it does matters a lot. Try not to be a nag.


Flirt– Whether you are in your 40’s or teenage, it is always fine to get into little flirting to get the guy’s attention. In fact, a bit of un-disruptive flirting enables the couples to check out each other’s character without the burden of any commitment.


These tips will keep the pressure off from your mind during date. Apart from this you need to relax and then you can just move-on with the flow. 

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