Biopic on Priyanka Chopra by Her Ex-Boyfriend.. PC Flattered!!

Top Bolyywood Actress Priyanka Chopra does not mind a biopic on her! Her alleged boyfriend during her modeling days is rumored to make a biopic on her! I am sure the news is as flattering to PC as majority win for Mr Modi!!

Priyanka who herself is doing a biopic on ace boxer Mary Kom says that she has no problem if there is a biopic on her life. Aseem Merchant who was her rumored boyfriend during her modeling days is reportedly planning a movie on Priyanka. Aseem was rumored to be her boyfriend in her modeling day. The couple apparently broke up two year after she won the Miss world title. Aseem whose last appearance on silver screen was in Salman Khan’s Wanted, wants to kick start his career as a producer from this movie.


When asked PC laughed it away by saying that it is mind-boggling that I have become so big that people are trying make movie on me.

There is buzz in tinsel town that it will be hard hitting movie on Priyanka’s modelling days and also include the legal battle with her ex-manager Prakash Jaju. In this scandal Prakash had served jail for two months in 2008 for cheating the actress. He had targeted actress over nonpayment of dues at that time.


On the whole issue, Priyanka says that it flatters her if someone makes a biopic on her life. She further says she and her family had gone through various odds during that time and people want to glorify that phase of her life.


It would be interesting to see how Aseem depicts his alleged girlfriend in the movie which is already notching high up the curiosity meter right from its announcement! Priyanka has seen many remarkable success since her inception in glamor world as a model. Now she is recognized as a multifaceted talent from India. Let’s wait and watch out how this much talked biopic on Priyanka turns out to be.


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