6 Reasons Why Not to Worry if you Miss Period! Points to Keep in Mind!

Every woman’s menstrual cycle is different and unique. While some get it 10-11 times in a year, for some the number is higher or even lesser. The bottom line is that every woman has her unique body system and you cannot really compare it with others.

The main problem that many go through is missed or irregular periods. While hormonal changes and pregnancy are considered the main reasons behind that, we spoke to our health experts regarding this, and they come up with the following suggestions why you miss periods.

Why one Misses Periods!

  • Sudden Weight Gain or Loss – If you just have lost too many kilos or have gained because of your unhealthy lifestyle then you can face menstrual problems.

  • Eating Disorders – Eating disorders like Anorexia (that is starving oneself), Orthorexic Nervos(taking healthy diet in extreme as obsessed with eating right habits) or Bulimia (having large amount of food in short interval of time) can take a toll on your health and also can disturb your monthly cycle.

  • Strenuous Exercise – Women who go through strenuous exercise are also at the risk of disturbing their menstrual cycle.

  • Stressful Life – Drug abuse, stressful lifestyle, illnesses, hormone problems, birth control, all these factors play a huge role behind your smooth or irregular periods. When you keep on stressing yourself for unnecessary reasons then it is obvious that you start missing on periods as this cause your hormones to create an imbalance.

  • Breast Feeding – Women who continue breastfeeding sometimes miss periods. Yet it does not mean that you will face pregnancy problems, start using contraceptive pills to be on the safer side.

  • Other Health Troubles – Those who suffer from ovarian failure also face menopause problems even before 40’s. Women, who have gone through chemotherapy for abdomen or pelvis or have got any surgery done, too face trouble. In some cases irritable bowel syndrome, liver or stomach disorder also triggers the situation.

Sometimes you face problem without any specific problem, try to relax and talk to an expert about this.

What else you need to keep in mind?

  • Have balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, calcium, iron and all nutrients possible

  • Have a smooth lifestyle and don’t stress yourself unnecessary

  • Make sure you stay hygienic when you are menstruating as it is important to stay away from infections

  • Visit the doctor if you happen to face irregularity again and again

So keep these things in mind and see what all you can do to avoid being troubled.

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