Breakup Advice – Time to Realize That He’s A LOSER!

Being honest, I have dated lots of annoying people in my life. But am I the only one?? Surely not and in fact most of the girls date some idiots that don’t deserve even being with someone. They seem to be kind of perfect on the very first date, but as soon as you start going out, it takes no more than few days to realize that he’s a loser.

The annoying-ness really sucks and the worst thing is that they keep on checking your patience with some repeated embarrassing moments.

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He WAS a LOSER!!! DEar Girl, Move On!!

Are you demanding or is he really annoying?? Let’s find out some valuable breakup advice.

  • Irritating Accent- Unless a person is a paid impersonator or some celebrity, faking with the accent is really something very annoying. He may do it for being some wacky or something but eventually his “yeah baby” kind of attitude can drive a person nuts.

  • Want To Kill It, Fill It- Eating all your stuff and even those chocolates that he was supposed to give you, is something that rolls out your head.

  • Thinks Life Is All About Performing- If he thinks like life is a stage and you need to perform even if others don’t like that, you need to search for someone else. When he’s telling you about some kind of experience, it is not at all necessary to grab everyone’s attention, and especially when no on is damn interested.14

  • Flapping Lips Even When There’s Nothing To Say- Just stop it dude! Can’t you maintain a comfortable silence for some time?? He would rather say some dumb thing and will wind up with some stupid apology than being quiet.

  • Old Fart- Some poor jokes are fun sometimes, but thinking like actual fart jokes are seriously hilarious is too much of it. On the top of it he wants you to be get into such joke too.original

  • Grow Up…Man- An adult usually knows that after having meals, you need to clean up. But be it some social situation or the food, being skedaddle like some kid is frustrating.

  • Eating Habits- The way he eats with a mess on himself is not tolerable. And the worst part of it, you are able to see the way he chews with his open mouth. Yuck!

  • Phone it in– Picking up the phone anywhere anytime, when he knows that it is something really important to you and even if he has to answer some stupid

Girls, wake up and realize that the guy is really annoying and you can get something exceptionally better than this. Move on….

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