10 Quick Makeup Tips To Look Fabulous this Summer!!

Whether it comes to pretty eyes, radiant skin or sexy lips, everyone wants to look best. However, it won’t take much time to get ready, but you need to follow the correct procedure to apply makeup. After all, you would definitely not like to create disastrous looks.

So be ready to know the pro tips to get a touch of makeup make you glow this summer without letting your face appear cakey! Here are some quick tips!


10 Quick Makeup Tips for Summer-

Here we shall discuss some useful makeup tips and ideas that you can follow even in your routine days also.

  • Know Your Skin Type- before starting patting it up on the skin, you need to know the kind of skin texture. It can be oily, dry or normal, and to get the apt type, consult some experts to know what kind of skin texture you have.

  • Start with Freshly Cleansed Face- Make sure that your face is properly washed and cleansed. Your face should be a neat and clean canvas, so that it will be quite easy to paint it with some rich cosmetics. You should start with a cleanser or a face wash and after that use a toner.Fashion-Photography

  • Message with a Light Moisturizer- No matter what kind of skin you are having, it is very important to apply a light moisturizer on the face. This is not only to prevent dryness, but also maintains a smooth texture of your skin.

  • Apply a Primer Before Applying Foundation- primer keeps the foundation smooth and it will be easy to apply it. Moreover it will make your makeup to last for longer periods.pretty

  • Apply Foundation Shade Matching Your Skin- You can take the help of a makeup artist at any cosmetic store to know the right shade for your skin. Make sure your foundation is waterproof.

  • Use Concealer to Get Rid of Discoloration- In case some areas are red or discolored like nostrils or corners of eyes, you should apply a concealer. It should be used after applying foundation, and make sure not to overdo it.Photo

  • Apply a Loose Powder on the Entire Face- After patting the brush into powder, use a tissue to wipe off the excess of powder and after that, brush it across the entire face.

  • Highlight Specific Areas of the Face- To get that dazzling effect, apply a little powder to highlight your cheek and brow bones.

  • Girlmakeup
  • Apply a Small Blush to the Cheeks- You need to be careful while applying the blush. Start from the apple and drag it upwards up to the temples of cheeks.

  • Apply a Lip Gloss- End your make up with a light colored lip gloss.models

These are some routine makeup tips that you can implement. For some special occasions, try smoky and sexy eye makeup too!


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