Dreaming To Fly?? Be An Air Hostess and Live Your Dreams!!

Women mostly like glossy stuff.. and modeling is the career most of us look out for… but there is another pretty good option out there….If you are an ambitious women and you think sky is the limit then air hosting is the profession for you!! It is one of the most sought after and glamorous career options for girls. Aviation is a very promising industry which is witnessing tremendous growth all over the world. This profession provides unlimited opportunities of visiting exotic places, meeting people from different countries and cultures of life and a fantastic experience of remaining in seventh heaven while on duty!!

A nice remuneration package and fat salary checks make this profession even more interesting.


#General Attributes to be an Air Hostess!

Airhostess are considered to be the face of customer service of Aviation company before the passengers. This is reason why aviation companies pay so much caution toward selection of best fitting candidates for cabin crew and air hostess. Some required attribute for being air hostess are-

Pleasing Personality

Good Physique

Presence of Mind

Good Communication and Interactive Skills

Language Proficiency

Air Hostess

#Work and Duties

Work and responsibility of air hostess ranges throughout the flight. They are not only active during the flight but they perform a lot of pref-light activities even before arrival of passengers. It involve-

Safety checks

Arrangement of essential stuffs like pillows, blankets, safety equipments, medicines, and magazines etc.

While on arrival of passengers they welcomes the passengers, help them in taking the seat.

Give instructions about how to use safety equipment during crisis.

They also provide food and drinks and help passenger during the emergency.


#Eligibility Criteria To Be An Airhostess

Most of the airlines across the world follow same eligibility criteria for recruitment of air-hostesses. Following are their eligibility criteria for being an air hostess-


Unmarried Smart Girls

Minimum Height of 157.5 cm or 5’2”

Weight in Proportion to Height

Age limit for this Job is 24 years,

Some Government Airlines like Air India give a age relaxation of 5 years to OBC and 3 years to SC/ ST candidates.

Normal vision/ eyesight is another eligibility criteria for being an air hostess.

Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of other languages is an advantage.

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  • Job Prospects
  • Despite the crisis faced by some Indian aviation companies, aviation industry in India is on the rise. In recent future some foreign players are also keen to enter in Indian domestic market jobs so the prospects of this profession are really high.
  • Pay Packages-
  • Normally airhostesses get 60 thousands to 80 thousands per month in private/public sector airlines. Some foreign airlines pay almost 2 to 3 lakhs per month.
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  • All you need to do is be presentable, hospitable, and cordial and interactive to be an Air hostess, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you to be claimed!!
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