Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra – Make Her Beauty Regime Yours!!

Bollywood’s desi diva Priyanka Chopra is a style icon for millions of girl across the world. Her unique style and persona makes her distinct from other Bollywood divas. She is not just beautiful but also multi-talented. Radiant complexion and twinkling smile are hallmark of her beauty. Piggy Chops looks stunning whether its a film promotion event, suiting or any other occasion. There is a lot to learn from this style siren of Bollywood.

Wondering how she manages her perfect figure and look beautiful? We reveal Beauty secrets of Priyanka Chopra that every woman wants to know. Read on!


#Daily Regime and Beauty Tips of Priyanka Chopras

Here are few PC’s beauty tips you can adopt if you wants to look like her!

#Skin Care

  • Priyanka Chopra includes cleansing ,moisturizing and toning of skin in her daily skin care.

  • She is very experimental with moisturizers and her Twitter account reveals that she often switches between lotions like Clinique ‘s moisturizing lotion and creams like Clarins’s Hydraquech cream.

  • She also takes multivitamins and drink a lot of water to keep her skin clear and healthy.

None is that difficult to apply in your own daily routine… na??


#Priyanka’s Daily Look

  • She likes to wear a concealer and a compact

  • A kohl pencil is a must that she carries with her.

  • Pink or nude lip color is her favorite indulgence!

  • A nice fragrance completes her everyday look..


#Priyanka’s Food Habits

Priyanka is very conscious about her daily food intake.

  • She prefers raw vegetables, high fiber and steamed food.

  • Sprouts of all type are frequent in her plate.

  • She mostly avoid heavy meal and oily food.

hot priyanka

#Priyanka’s Hair Care

Priyanka is blessed with naturally strong and shiny hairs and being in show buisness she give them a of lot care. She reveals in New York Times interview secret of her beautiful skin comes from her kitchen.

  • She uses beer and egg.

  • She also uses yogurt to cleanse the dandruff.

  • PC uses warm coconut oil for deep conditioning of her scalps.

These are some of the items every household has!!

Priyanka in december

#Priyanka’s Make up

On many occasions Priyanka is seen wearing green contacts like Freshlook Colorblends in green. They give dazzling and depth look to her eyes.

  • Priyanka has revealed in an interview given to New York Times that she use Bobbi Brown concealer In honey and M.A.C NC 43 powder.

  • PC uses M.A.C Teddy or Eye Kohl for eye lining and mostly smudge with a black Armani pencil. For her Armani Eyes to Kill mascara is a must.

  • She mostly wears peachy-pink blush for her face and Nars Blush In orgasm is her favorite. She usually use M.A.C spice and Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry. Her best facial appearance is her luscious lip, she mostly wear pink based lip colors and M.A.C lip liner, In spice is her favorite.

  • She loves perfume and wears many exotic fragrances. Her favorite perfumes includes Ralph Lauren romance , Dolce & Gabana the one and Jo Malone lime basil.

priyanka's sunglasses

There are few secret associated with beauty and appearance of Priyanka Chopra. Her never dying quest for success and confidence are top attributes that had propelled her to zenith of success. It is because of this that she is always a forerunner in pairing against top heroes.


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