Fear of Intimacy – 5 Factors that Stop Women from Being Intimate!!

Women find it hard to get intimate with men instantly due to many factors. They spend hours thinking whether it is safe to get really close to the person she likes. In spite of the intelligence and talent hidden in a man she uses a lot of energy to think on the negative aspects in a relationship. Almost most of the women have fear of intimacy in their mind.

Why is that so… is this question crawling in your mind??? Here are some answers to this pertinent fear that works as a barrier in your relationship!

Fear Factors that Stop Women from Being Intimate with a Man-

The Fear of Rejection

This is one of the common fears in both men and women. This is the vulnerable factor which can put one in a risky position. When a person is making the first move, a simple “NO” can put him in real embarrassment and sheer shame. Many have gone through it, but those who have faced it know the level of rejection that has made them so shameful. Thus, the FEAR OF EMBARRASSMENT is one of the important factors that a woman has while being intimate with a guy.fear of intimacy

Dreading Failure

Failure is something that none can tolerate. A man fears if he fails, while he tries to please a woman. However, for a woman, her fear of failure lies in whether she would be good enough inside the bedroom. You may be an amateur but always bear this one thing in mind that the person opposite to you is also equally nervous. So let your fears go off, just enjoy the time and have fun together.

fearing intimacy

Losing Her Grip…

Many girls lose themselves in a relationships. The strong, bold and charismatic women at times turn out to be someone else after they enter into a relationship. Now, you don’t have to fear these transformations. No doubt, intimacy plays a big role, but just to please a person you are not required to change drastically. Set your priorities first and don’t fall for someone who doesn’t respect the way you are.emotional intimacy

Don’t Want to Hurt

Many often it is just that you love being with the person but aren’t interested in carrying forward any long term relationship with the person. Here things can turn critical if the person is serious about the woman. Woman fear hurting anyone she is so intimate with. However, hurting someone must not overpower your mind that you fear being intimate with someone in the future. Just move on, it’s a part of life…


Poor Body Image

Last but none the least! most of the time women fear that their man may not like their body image. Most of the time, issue of intimacy boils down to this same concern. Too much obsessing about how you look is only going to make you nervous. be confidant, he likes you and that is why he is with you!! You need to understand this thing and act spontaneously!

cute couple

Intimacy can make you happy and ease your loneliness. So, don’t let it get so critical. Just get rid of the fear and be confident in yourself, however don’t intentionally hurt anyone in life that is never humane.


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