Beligra : Are These Male Enhancement Pills Safe & Effective?

Being exclusively sold through the official website, Beligra is supposed to satisfy the male needs with its virility boosting properties. This product has a handful of natural extracts like epimedium, tongkat ali that are known for restoring the manliness. With each capsule, the user is believed to take a step forward towards delivering a wilder performance in bed.

About Beligra

There are only a few makers that provide thorough and authentic details about their products. One such product is Beligra whose creators have been transparent about every important detail related to their product. This male enhancement dietary supplement looks promising and result-oriented with an impressive list of herbal extracts to back its utility.

The user are advised to not go for this product if they want instant results. The natural and safe formulation of these virility boosting pills are slow but leaves long-lasting effects on the user, as quoted by the makers.

Nobody in their sane state of mind can recommend chemical-based products as these start to show negative results at some point of time.

Beligra is available on its official website at $79.95 which should ideally last for around 30 days.

Details Of The Ingredients Used In Beligra

Epimedium: This amazing substance holds the power to boost blood flow in the body, mainly to the penile chambers. Epimedium also boosts testosterone production to uplift sexuality which potentially restores the lost virility, vigor, and vitality.

Wild Yam: Wild yam is considered a great ingredient to secure sexual health in both males and females,

Boron Amino Chelate: Boron is a mineral known to promote healthy body and mind.

Tongkat Ali: Tongkat ali is popular for its great male boosting properties. This reduces the aging effects in men and helps them regain their youth-like performance.

Orchic Substance: This helps to regulate healthy testicular function in men.

The list also includes ginseng blend, Maca root extract, sarsaparilla powder, tribulus terrestris powder, cayenne pepper, oyster extract, muira puama extracts.

What Changes To Expect?

A Rise in testosterone production

The male hormones are responsible to make or break the sexual health. This formula supports healthy levels of testosterone while promoting its required production.

Bigger and powerful erections on demand

The pleasure doubles up with stronger and harder erections. An erected penis with powerful strokes is a woman’s dream which is achievable through regular ingestion of the pills.

Increase in libido and energy levels

A surge in the sex drive is libido which helps the man to crave for sex and improve their performance every time. The energy levels are also supposed to shoot up making the user feel horny and pumped up.

Boosts stamina with a longer stay in the activity

The rise in stamina helps the user give a long-lasting performance with longer hours of intense intercourse.

Sexual confidence

With improved sexual health, the user may regain the lost confidence to have a pleasurable performance in the bed.

Using Beligra

The single pack contains 60 capsules packed with vital nutrients. The daily dosage is around 1 to 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water. Also, if required, the user can ingest one pill 30 minutes before they engage in a lovemaking session. This is completely optional and depends on what mood a man and his partner are exactly in during that time.

Cost Of Beligra Male Enhancement Pills

A 30-day supply pack will cost the users $79.95 with additional shipping & handling charges instantly. Cash on delivery is not available on this product.

The consumers can contact the customer care within 14 days of ordering the product to cancel the order and avoid automatic enrollment into the monthly subscription. Failing to do so, the orderer will be charged for the next month’s supplement pack in advance.

Toll-Free Customer Care Number: (833) 235-4472

The customer care will allot an RMA number which is the unique ID for the return.

Return Address:Beligra Returns
700 Ridge Rd Greenville, SC 29607


  1. Can women take this supplement?

Since this is supposed to boost testosterone levels, it is not advisable for women.

  1. Does this product cause any side-effects?

As claimed by the makers on their online portal and the way the natural ingredients are used in composing this supplement, the pills seem safe. If the given directions are strictly followed, the users are unlikely to face any adverse reaction.

Only a few men face issues like nausea, sleeplessness, nervousness etc. If they experience any such complication, they should stop the consumption immediately.

  1. Can we club this product with other health supplements?

It is always unsafe to combine two different supplements from the perspective of health. Take advice from a professional medical practitioner in case you need to take multiple supplements.

  1. Are these pills FDA approved?

No. The product or the statements given by the manufacturers haven’t been evaluated or approved by the FDA.