Azur Derma Cream : Is It Safe To Use? How Effective Is It?

Why Women Choose Anti-Aging Creams?

Looking young is every woman’s dream. The fountain of youth is something people covet and even a lot of literature has been written about the same. As women age, the vital components of their skin such as collagen and elastin break down and recover at a much slower speed. Often women consider going under the knife to regain their youth but even after spending a fortune, the procedures leave them less satisfied than they were at the onset. An anti-aging cream which is gaining popularity these days is Azur Derma Cream.

Basics About Azur

  1. It comes in 16oz bottle size.
  2. Its only distributor is its official website.
  3. The cream may come in various bottle sizes.
  4. The website accepts most of the US major credit cards.

Ingredient information About Azur Derma Cream?

Most of the dermatologists recommend using anti-aging creams to women when they hit 30. Because their skin by this time starts becoming vulnerable to signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

There isn’t much information available on the official website about the ingredients of Azur Derma Cream. Their official website only boasts of one ingredient: Retinol. Most of the times these creams also contain Vitamin C and Peptides. Usually these ingredients work well to maintain your skin’s texture and glow.

What Can Retinol In Azur Derma Face Cream Do To Your Skin’s Health?

  1. It is a derivative of Vitamin A which can perk up collagen production. Having additional collagen in your skin makes it harder for your skin to produce wrinkles.
  2. Retinol is a great ingredient which works well to nix hyperpigmentation. Retinol can even out your skin tone by reducing dark spots.
  3. Retinol also has hydrating properties, if applied regularly, it can give you dewy skin.

Fun Fact About Retinol

Retinol was first being advertised as an anti-acne ingredient but later it was rebranded as an anti-aging ingredient after its age-defying properties got discovered.

Generally, retinol is beneficial for skin. However, you should have a discussion about the ingredients with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Can Azur Derma Retinol Cream Be An Alternative Solution To Botox And Surgery?

Often women feel conscious about their skin as soon as they hit a certain age. As the cream contains the powerhouse ingredient Retinol, it can certainly work to make your skin appear ageless. Retinol can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, and laugh lines.

Retinol based creams often have a lighter texture due to which they get absorbed into the skin with utmost ease. They get into the dermal layer of your skin and don’t give you the sticky feeling you usually get after using other such creams.

Is Azur Derma Anti-Aging Cream A Safe Product?

As the market is saturated with skin care creams containing harsh ingredients, it is natural to doubt even the most genuine of the products. Considering its official website suggests only retinol has gone in the making of the cream, it could be a safe and effective product for your skin.

However, any information about the cream’s FDA approval is absent from their website.

How to Use Azur Derma Cream

Retinol, though an excellent ingredient for skin can cause allergies. So, you should be cautious while using it.

Do a trial for a few days, just take pea sized amount of the same and apply it on a chosen patch of your face. In case of redness or allergy, immediately stop using this product.

How Can You Order Azur Derma Cream?

So, with elaborate information about the product people may want to order it and give it a chance. Unfortunately, even after spending a good amount of time on their official website’s button doesn’t work and the page doesn’t load.

No issues, one doesn’t have to fall in love with the first product they come across as there are enough fish in the anti-aging sea pool.

Is Azur Derma Cream A Well-Researched Product?

Before choosing any skincare formula, one should ensure if a formula is proven to work or not. It should have been clinically-tested and approved. Ideally, the product should have an FDA seal.

Azur Derma Skincare Tips

Apart from using the cream, the makers suggest that the user should also follow these to combat signs of aging:

Always – Use sunscreen. Eat healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables.

Never – Eat processed foods. Drink alcohol or smoke.

Sometimes – Exfoliate. Stick to twice a week exfoliation regimen.

Daily – Cleanse. Either use a mild cleanser or just plain water.

Once in a while – Visit esthetician for a good facial.

Free Trial Offer of Azur Derma Cream

Generally, anti-aging producers do offer a free trial but their official website doesn’t work hence it isn’t sure if the company offers free trial or not.

Azur Derma Cream: To Sum it Up

The product may work because of presence of retinol. However, it isn’t sure how the consumers can procure it.