It’s one of the semi-essential proteins meaning apart from the watermelon (its source) you need to consider a supplement which contains l-citrulline as an ingredient. When you pop a pill containing L-citrulline, it converts into L-arginine and then into nitric oxide. Ask any body builder; he will tell you what nitric oxide can do to get core muscles.

It’s common to feel fatigued while working out but this also causes hindrance in getting most from a workout. These amino acids play a significant role here; it reduces the level of fatigue we feel while pushing hard by decreasing the amount of lactic build-up in the body.

If you want to be regular in the gym, then it is important to know that body takes its own time to recover from the heavy intensive training you have done in the gym. When blood flow is not optimal or doesn’t reach to the muscle tissue, your body will naturally take more time to recover. L-citrulline speeds up the recovery process by repairing the body tissues after your each workout.  The nitric oxide acts a vasodilator which makes sure that optimum amount of blood and oxygen is being delivered and circulated to the muscle tissue to cut back the chances of physical and mental fatigue. With the increase in blood flow, more carbohydrates and proteins will reach to the muscle tissue for easy recovery as earlier the lack of these essential nutrients causes your performance level to decline.