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From sinister boss to crazy colleagues, jealous BFF to sulky BF, fuming family to romantic husbands, from kids queries to pregnancy woes, Here We Talk about your concerns and their solutions!

15 Overrated Things In Life

Everyone have their own opinion. I have my own. And there are some things, or rather many, which are so overrated these days, that...

It’s harder to find ‘LOVE’ for Smart Women. Here’s why!

It’s really a pain to see all the brave, smart, educated women remaining single and lonely despite of all the qualities they are blessed...

How to Get Through Quarter Life Crisis!

Twenties- A phase of life in which a person transits from being a teenager to an adult. Going through crisis during this time of...

5 Things Which Can’t Be Fixed Even After You Lose Weight

Most people think that after losing weight, our life will change completely. But well, it doesn’t work like that. Weight loss can definitely fix...

Orgasm : Know All About It

“Many women don’t know what an orgasm is. Many men don’t know what total orgasm is. Many only achieve a local orgasm, a genital...

10 Signs Show That He’s into You Only for Sex

It is obvious and acceptable that sharing physical intimacy is indispensable part of a love relationship. It feels great when we find someone with...

VIRIL TECH : How Safe And Effective Is This Product?

VIRIL TECH is a supplement that claims to boost the sexual power of the male. It is said to be a potent male enhancement...

Celebrities Who Battled Body Shaming With Poise and Panache

The sad part about Body Shaming is that, it’s always going to happen. But what’s the best we can do is to disallow the...

Body-shaming : The ‘Shameless’ practice of the society

Since the world is becoming a perilous place to have a body, body shaming has come up as a customary practice among people. What...


Marriage is a beautiful relationship where two partners tie knots and promise to live together for their entire life. Emotional bonding, care, love and...

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