Break Through The Pigeon Hole : Become A Woman Of Substance!

No single definition can define a woman of substance. A woman of substance is a woman of positive aura and a woman who gives meaning to life. People think a woman who ‘rules’ the world is either a queen or a CEO of a multinational firm. But the fact is each and every woman rule her own kingdom. Her kingdom comprises of her home, her office and even her friend group. But being a ‘woman of substance’ is being more than just a ‘ruler’. A woman of substance guides people by setting up examples, not just ruling them.

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Most of the women don’t seem to be paying attention to the ripple effect they can create in the calm waters. They spend their life in a rather haphazard way. By making such statements, I have no intention of judging people’s life. Whatever I’m stating is on the general basis and after closely analyzing my own life. When I re-read my own book life, I saw too much of wasted space. Even when I work a lot, somewhere I’m failing to set up a great example for my peers and my family. The possible cause might be the fact that we get so busy in making a living that we forget to make a ‘life’ for ourselves.

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A woman of substance is the most overlooked goal of women’s life. She is someone whose life means something. A woman who had gone through harsh conditions, though she didn’t come out successful, but comes out stronger and shinier than ever. A woman who always be there for people, because she knows what it is to have nothing by her own side. She isn’t a mute spectator, she believes in making changes. She’s not a problem, in fact, she’s the perfect solution to each and every problem one can face.

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Can you relate to someone while reading the definition of ‘woman of substance’? Are you a woman of substance? Or do you wish to make something out of your life and become a woman of substance rather than just an ordinary woman?

Here are few qualities of a ‘Woman of Substance’, which makes her exceptional:

1. A woman of substance takes delight in her uniqueness and is confident in her own skin

In today’s society, there’s an immense pressure on women to fulfil the beauty criteria that have been set up by the media. It becomes, even more, difficult to relish your individuality and love being the way you are. But a woman of substance doesn’t let the perfected images of beauty affect them and are hardly moved by the criticism they face. They believe that being different and real is more important than being identical and ‘fake’. They find beauty in staying just the way they are. For them, beauty can’t be restricted by mere benchmarks set up by ‘perfected’ beauty connoisseurs.

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2. Voices her opinions

Unlike animals, we all are blessed with voices, so that we can use them as when the need arises. A woman of substance realizes the fact that she has been blessed with a voice to use it. Using your voice doesn’t simply means taking part in small chit-chat sessions with your BFF. Making use of this blessing means standing up against the things which don’t seem to be right. She comprehends this fact very well, so a real woman never steps back in voicing her opinion.

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3. She never ceases chasing her dreams

A woman of substance austerely follows her heart, never gives up and can do anything to achieve what she wants. She is certain of the fact that she has it in her all that takes to fulfil her dream. She has a passion in her life, and that’s what makes her life meaningful. And a person who is leading a meaningful life, gives everyone else a purpose to keep going. She becomes an inspiration to everyone else around her.

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4. She sticks to her morals and always remain mindful about them

Human differs from animals on the basis of the fact that humans have morals. They follow a certain set of guidelines to limit their actions in life. A woman of substance abides by her morals and be at all times aware of it. She always feels energized and motivated to do something significant to the world. She is totally aware of the fact that the morals that were taught to us in the childhood are not only the ‘childhood affairs’. They were inculcated to us during our tender age so that we can mould our lives into something better and noteworthy. Unlike an ordinary woman, a woman of substance never quits on her principles and always put up with it.

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5. A woman of substance is never inundated with physical beauty and materialistic desires

She is not blinded by the unreal notions of beauty that is prominent in today’s society. She is never fanatical about her looks or physical appearances. She is well versed with the fact that beauty is not just a state of physical appearance but a state of mind. She doesn’t need any parameter to establish herself as beautiful, she considers herself beautiful just the way God intended her to be. . Her wants and desires are not worldly. All she needs can’t be measured in terms of currency or felt by hands: Love and care. A woman of substance is, therefore, never overawed by the false concepts of society.

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6. She puts back what she has taken from the world

She knows that the materialistic entities she owns can’t be contributed to the world. The world needs substance. She owes her vigor, her motivation and her charisma to the world, and so she has always intended to put everything she has drawn from the universe, back in its place. Though in multiplied form. For an instance, if a woman of substance earned respect from her fellow beings, she will forever aim to respect each and every individual she comes across. All the love she ever received from the universe is radiated from her in the form of love and support.

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The World Needs More Women Of Substance!

The world doesn’t need just a pretty woman, we need beauty with brains too. A treasured woman, a woman who doesn’t hold her back from voicing her opinion. The one who doesn’t think about the possible outcomes before raising her voice for what’s wrong. In short, the world needs a woman of substance. A woman who’s willing to use every bit of her energy to bring about positive changes in her surroundings. Of course, bringing about a change in the whole world will need a lot more Women of substance than just one.

The world out there is wild and untamed. It seems to be deteriorating in its morality. Everyone is one a pursuit of something. A hunt for money, fame, attention, success and many more things which can’t be summed up in a single piece of writing. In this male-dominated setting, the women need to really break through the stereotypes and come forward instead of just being addressed to as pretty little figurines. The world needs women who are emotionally, physically and psychologically strong. In a nutshell, THE WORLD NEEDS THE WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.

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