10 Cues Married Couples Want Each Other To Know

Marriage is made in the heaven; but it has to be nurtured and maintained by us humans. Marriage changes people a lot in many different ways because it’s not about me now… it’s us! You really have to sink-in the fact that now there is one person who will stay with you forever and you’re not single anymore. You learn a lot of things for example, to share your personal space, to co-exist with him/her come what may, to compromise and negotiate, etc. And most importantly, you learn to give.

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It’s much more than your Honeymoons and having intimate time with your partner; it’s about trust, selfless love and forgiveness. Also, marriage isn’t only about the two of you, because some day you will have your own good family and so, your responsibility will be doubled. Marriage keeps going in its stride, it’s us who has to live each moment together with time.

Here are few reminders which every married couples really want each other to
know to sustain and balance a long term relationship:


Married couples must always be observant and attentive because that’s how you can keep it moving. Always remember, never stop going on dates even if you have less time due to a hectic work schedule. Take care of yourself but keep your partner in your top priority and keep doing things for them. You have to make sure that you should listen to one another carefully every single minute, that’s how you’ll understand each other’s nitty-gritties. Don’t complain all the time, that’s a childish behavior; keep shut and analyze the surroundings. The storm will come and it’ll go by easily if you keep your calm and don’t react. And never elongate the argument more than a day; do try to resolve it before the sleep.

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Arguments are very small but hurtful things, because it’s a proven fact that your mind doesn’t work when it’s angry. So, you might end up doing something which you never wanted at the first point. And most of the arguments and acquisitions aren’t worth ruining your night on, so pick your stance wisely. Because, if you try to win the battle, you could really piss off your life partner; would you want that? I guess, no!

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Laughing is the key remedy to all the anger or grief or a mundane life. Laugh as hard as possible with your partner. It doesn’t mean that you again hurt him/her by laughing “at” them. Keep in mind to know the difference in both of them. If you don’t laugh, you’ll go to a slow death, believe me. Marriage is not about leading just another life, it’s about sharing the good and bad moments laughingly.

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People often ask, “How’s life?” Well, that really means that they are asking about the well-being of your spouse. That’s your life, isn’t it? That’s what you signed for while taking those sacred vows in the church. It’s one cliché which both, husband and wife can bank upon because it’s so true.

Married Couples Want Each Other To Know

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Married life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. We must know how to embrace all the spheres of married life because that’s what makes a man or a woman complete. If life is only bed of roses, it can become too boring and monotonous; and if life is only about struggles, you can’t get over with it. Today might be glorious, and tomorrow may turn into a nightmare; so what? Both are a part of a fuller life.

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Oh! This will always lead to catastrophe. Just like two people are not same, similarly two couples aren’t same either. Never dare to compare your standard of living, relationship, house, or sex life with the other couples; you might end up parting ways with each other. You may want so many things which others have but that won’t make you happy because you would want something else then; and this isn’t going to stop. Enjoy with what you have and make things better in your own way.

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It’s easier said than done, but the hardest part is to accept your own mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes, your spouse is absolutely right but you are still griming about your stance. Despite the fact that your demands aren’t justified or are unacceptable, you still choose your way. That’s okay, sometimes don’t look at the practical aspect, and let their demands be fulfilled. You may discuss about it later, but it’s really okay to follow his/her stupid demands or requests.

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Married life needs spice, each moment. Or else, it may turn boring and then who knows, you or your spouse start having casual hook-ups with some other person to excite their life. No one would want to jeopardize their marriage by opting for such things. So instead, keep giving surprises, decorate the house, light candles, as and when required. The husbands need to pamper their wives often and in turn, the wives need to offer what men wants. It the job of both the couples to woo each other and spice-up your life a little bit.

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Sex plays a very important part in a married couple’s life. If you let go off your sex part from marriage, you can ruin the most exciting phase in your life. Also, if you have sex very often, that too leads to a monotony and you may lose interest. For this, there’s an interesting formula, try not to touch your partner for few days or separate once in 2 months, then come back and see the great sex evolving!

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Never try to settle the talk, discussion or arguments, try to clarify your stands and then understand each other’s point. You don’t have to always settle down for a view. That will not resolve the issue because that way no one can understand each other. To surpass the frustration and stress in marriage what’s really required is patience and trust; winning and losing doesn’t matter. Maintain good standard for yourself and let your letter half respect that with full heart.

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