15 Overrated Things In Life

Everyone have their own opinion. I have my own. And there are some things, or rather many, which are so overrated these days, that people are going extreme lengths for them. There are certain things in life which I think are dragged a bit more than it deserves to be. It is also true that one thing which is overpriced for one might be an inevitability for another. But sometimes, we just get carried away in the flow and forget about the things that ‘we’ actually need in our life.

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Sadly, instead of putting our focus on things that actually matter in our life, we focus more on these overrated things that are not worth the time we’re are always giving them.

1. Growing Up

I still remember the time when I was an 11-year-old girl, impatiently waiting to be referred as a ‘Grown up’. But only during the growing up phase that I realized, it’s a trap! The credit goes to our practices of overrating the growing up phase. It’s sure to fire that I’m not the only one who’s desperately willing to go back in time and slap that idea right out of my mind. We spend so much our time looking forward, that we forget to cherish our present. We are always looking for days that are better than our today!

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2. Big Fat Wedding

Well, everyone likes the idea of getting permanently together with the one you love. Honestly, there was a time that I spent hours making plans about how my dream wedding would be when I bumped into the man I thought was the one. But nowadays, weddings have become a competition, more than a memorable moment for couples. Who’ll get the most expensive wedding gown? Who’s tying knots in the most exotic and expensive location? Amidst the hustle bustle of determining the price of almost everything, we forgot that wedding is actually a celebration of love, not a battle of riches!

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3. Vacations

A person once told me, if you’re always looking for vacations to unwind your mind, then you’re definitely not having your hands in the job you want. If you’re always looking forward to a weekend, then perhaps you’re not contented with your job. The purpose of a vacation is to relieve the stressed out mind and experience a culture diverse from our own. But people these days usually go out for a vacation just to click pictures and flaunt how exciting their life is, on social networking websites. As a result, they come back even more worn out than they were before. Remember, vacations are more than just exotic locations and selfies!

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4. Job-Related Concerns

These days, people’s worth are measured by their designation at their workplace. And everyone is in pursuit of proving they’re worth to the world. But often in this pursuit of approval, appraisal, good job and whatever we’re looking for to prove our worth, we give up on the most important thing in life-inner peace. We don’t even realize the fact that while we were so busy making a living, we lost that ‘life’ which once nested within us. Well, working is important, but remember, it is not everything which establishes us a ‘worthy being’.

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5. Pressure Of Getting Graduated

We all are so obsessed with such complex sounding titles, which apparently determine how ‘educated’ we are. We all want to be a Ph.D. or an MBA will do well too. All such fancy names! Do we still remember that college is not always about these fancy names? If we ask ourselves, how much about self-development, self-discovery or inner peace do we know? Unfortunately, we’ll totally blank out about it. When did getting a degree ensure a great life ahead? Even a graduate can be doomed to zero and a person who never saw a school can do wonders! Degree never safeguards your future, it only ensures that you’re on a right path.

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