15 Overrated Things In Life

6. Always Being Right

You can always see social media flooding with pointless and meaningless arguments between people supporting a different point of views. And when you’ll try to dig deeper into the matter, you’ll find that the majority of arguments arises from our dogmatic desires of being always ‘right’. Putting forward your side is no wrong when fingers are pointed towards our righteousness. But diving deep into petty arguments like who looks better, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift, is nothing but a sheer waste of time! Do you think it is really worth your time? Let alone social media, arguments are just like a frequent guest for the people in a relationship. Couples argue and argue until they begin to loathe each other’s face too! Being right on the cost of a valuable relationship, do you think it’s right?

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7. Finishing First

And once a wise man said, Life is a race. Everyone seems to have taken this quote way too seriously, I guess! Crossing the finishing line first, this phrase is applicable only when we’re into a contest or a race in a more actual way. Life is a journey, not race. A journey which is concluded by its travelers in their own time. We can’t time mark the incidents that happen in our life. Who graduates first? Who gets the job or the appraisal first? Who’s going to be a mom first? When did we start suffixing ‘first’ with everything that happens in our life? Finishing first isn’t important, but to finish is something that actually matters!

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8. Luxury Items

Nobody likes to be labelled like an inanimate object, isn’t it? Then why are we so obsessing on the labels, ourselves? Expensive handbags, branded shoes, costly accessories, etc. Believe me, these things aren’t worth your efforts and hard-earned money. The non-branded items can do the same things your expensive one does. Don’t let these labels define you. Would you like being called ‘A girl who have a Louis Vuitton Bag’? No, isn’t it? Don’t let these inanimate things decide your worth. You are much more than a Prada Handbag or a Gucci Perfume! Don’t underrate yourself, in lieu of overrating these lifeless things.

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9. One Night Stands

Sex is great! I agree. But make a note, it is great only if you have it with certain people. If you’re throwing away sex at every person you meet, it’s just like, eh! A great sex involves physical as well as the mental connection between two bodies. As far as one night stands are concerned, the attraction you feel is purely physical or due to the intoxicated state you’re probably into. You don’t actually take the pain of knowing the person, you’re getting into sheets with. There’s a reason why we’ve not generalized ‘sex’. Hook-up sex and the act of making love, both are kind of sex, but if we dig deeper, there’s a lot of difference between both of them.

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10. Money

Yeah, money is something! But of course, money is not everything. Though we cannot deny the fact that money can get you everything you need to make your life comfortable. But make a note, money can’t buy everything you need to make yourself ‘happy’. If money could buy ‘love’, we will see a noticeable decline in a number of suicides which takes place every year around the globe. Well, if you think money is everything you need in your life, you can’t be blamed. It’s the socio-economic division of wealth in our society which have altered the way people think about ‘money’ these days. We speak the language which money taught us to. But we often forget money can’t buy everything. It can’t buy ‘Life’, in the absence of which, even a hundred dollar bill will remain lifeless.

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