5 Things Which Can’t Be Fixed Even After You Lose Weight

Most people think that after losing weight, our life will change completely. But well, it doesn’t work like that. Weight loss can definitely fix the problem of getting fit and healthier, but it’s not at all true that your ultimate happiness is lying before you only if you shed some unwanted pounds. It’s a fantasy that the people with an awesome figure are the happiest people.

While going on a strict regime of workout and fighting with those rigid calories, there are still some issues which your weight loss can never fix. So, before you set your goal for a weight loss, go through this and figure out what are the things which you really can’t fix:

1. Your Relationship
It’s a fact that the person who will love you, he won’t get attracted to your physical looks, he sees the inner beauty. And if your current relationship isn’t working because of your weight, trust me, it won’t work post dieting as well. Some of the dieticians say that, “It’s common for a partner to become jealous and resentful when their significant other is changing how they eat and take care of themselves. They think that once you lose weight and your appearance changes for the better, you’ll want to date someone who looks better, too.”

2. Your Job
Some people live in a grave myth that they aren’t fit to present themselves in front of the interviewers if they are fat; and hence, they wait for that moment when they shed kgs. What’s really needed is to train your mind onto a better direction where you stop worrying so much about such a trivial issue and believe that your organization needs brains, not looks.

3. Your Anxiety and Stress
As per the dieticians, “Most of the time, depression is an intermittent issue that has nothing to do with weight,” she says. If you struggle with depression now, losing weight won’t change anything—and that can be pretty crushing to realize. If you think you might be struggling with mood issues, visit a psychologist to come up with a plan of attack.”

4. Your Confidence/ Self Esteem
It’s true that weight loss gives you a tremendous amount of confidence but, it’s not at all directly proportional to your change of behavior or attitude. As per some psychologists, “You have to bring the right attitude to the whole project of losing weight. Think of it as making changes for a better you—not because you think you’ll look better after losing weight, but because you want to take better care of yourself.”

5. Your Love For Food
Well, that’d be weird for ya! But truth being told, losing weight relates will actually teach you the right balance of eating; it won’t change your love for food. You can go for n-number of dieting programs and they will also tell you this that don’t do fasting. The dieticians also say that, “Focus on changing those habits, rather than dieting itself. Breaking these habits takes time, effort, and a certain degree of discomfort. It’s not easy, she says. If you’re struggling, find a therapist who can aid in your efforts.”

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So you see, you can’t fix these above problems while you’re on a diet so the bottom line is to be happy with whatever you choose and you’ll still be loved by those who really care for you.

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