10 Signs Show That He’s into You Only for Sex

It is obvious and acceptable that sharing physical intimacy is indispensable part of a love relationship. It feels great when we find someone with whom we can connect emotionally. You can talk about almost everything with the person and then you two guys share a common agenda of taking this relationship headlong. Well, the scenario may not be the same in every case. In many cases, the person may be involved with you only for his sexual gratifications. You might have been giving your 100 per cent dedication, planning of getting married and starting a family, but for him you may be nothing but just a booty call. Then what to do? How to tell that your man is among those who are just in for sex. Here are the tell-tale signs that he’s probably into you for sex.

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1. He is too much concerned about how you look:

It feels great when someone notices your minute details and appreciate them. But what if the person is super concerned about your appearance all the time? If he always makes remarks about how your boobs are or how your ass looks in this tight pants, then it’s a red signal that your fella is only in for sex.

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A man who loves his girl appreciates her for intellect, sense of humor and values. But if your boy has eyes only for boobs and booty, then it’s a wakeup call for you sweetie.

What you should do: Ask him what does he likes in you apart from your looks. And observe his answer.

2. No matter what you’re talking initially, he always turns the conversation into dirty one.

Whenever you call him to have a serious talk about something, he always tries to deviate the topic towards sexual one. You’re telling how badly you bruised your leg while having the bath and he cheekily remarks how he want to kiss and caress your legs. All he want to talk about is sex and your body. This brings about the indication that he’s not that into you emotionally.

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What to do: tell him that you really get turned on when he actually takes cares of you. And then notice the change in his behavior.

3. Texts are always flirty and racy.

No matter what time of the day is, the only type of texts you get from his are the cheesy ones. He never bothers to text you and ask how your day was. His conversation always starts with “Hey hotness, what are you wearing today?” Men who are genuinely concerned about you always starts the conversation by asking “Hey beautiful, how your day went?”

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What to do: Don’t respond to such texts in the similarly way. Instead, change the topic and wait for his reaction. If he gets pissed off, probably all your doubts are true.

4. All of your dates are usually at his place or your place.

He always finds ways to spend some lone time with you. He’s not interested in knowing your future plans and thoughts, all he wants is to just get into your pants as soon as he can and as often. If he refrains from having date at public places, then watch out, he’s most likely the sex seeker.

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What to do: make excuses when asks to come at your place or asks you to go at his. Tell him to plan date outside instead. If he disagrees then you can be very much sure about his intentions.

5. His idea of entertainment is watching romantic and sensuous movies.

He always calls you to watch a romantic movie at his place. While you get happy with the idea of spending quality time with your partner, he is all set to get in action as soon as the movie is finished. If during watching movie, he tries to touch you or feel you inappropriately, he is trying to turn you on for his next move.

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What to do: suggest any other activity which can’t take place at his or your place.

6. He gets irritated when you suddenly stop him from having sex

Whenever you refuse to have sex after a tiring day, he gets angry. He convinces you to have a quick sex or try to get you in the mood. He is probably not interested in your current plight. Either he emotionally pressurizes you to have one or gets back to bed heatedly.

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What to do: just don’t argue over this topic. Wish him good night and get back to sleep.

7. Whenever you meet, he just takes you into the bedroom

A man who is seriously involved with you will have a little chitchat session about your whereabouts. But a man who’s with you only for sex will drive straight away to the bed. He doesn’t want to waste a single moment talking about your stuff. All he wants is to fulfil his desires.

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What to do: whenever he takes you into the bedroom, just make an excuse that you’re too tired for it.

8. He doesn’t waste much time on foreplay

There’s a difference between just having sex and making love. When you’re making love, foreplay is the major part of sex. But when the sex is only a physical activity, foreplay is just a waste of time. The person who’s using you for sex doesn’t want to dissipate time in touching and caressing you, because his body is already prepared for sex. Satisfying you is out of business for him.

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What to do: stop and gently ask him to slow down a bit.

9. He never cuddle up with you after having sex

All he does is rush to bathroom for a quick clean up and gets ready to leave. A person who is truly in love with you will snuggle up with you and fall asleep with you on his shoulders.

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What to do: ask him to stay, if he still refuses and makes hundreds of excuse, then perhaps he’s not that into you.

10. Whenever he calls you up and say “I Love You,” you understand that it’s a booty call for you

Legend says that intuitions never betray. If your gut says that something is wrong, then something really is. Woman, don’t demean yourself. You’re much more than a pair of boobs and a vagina. You’re a woman!

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What to do: until and unless you’re into him for sex only, don’t make a mistake of letting him use your body for his egotistic motive. Dump him and start to love yourself more!