Yoni Massage – The Secret Unveiled

# Proper Navigation leads to Desired Destination

Before allowing your hands to discover the deep corners of a woman’s body, it is important to create a comfortable space and light environment for her where she can experience great pleasure from her Yoni.

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The first and foremost thing which must be practiced is the exercise of deep breathing and this must be practiced by both, the receiver and the giver. Taking deep breaths will help you in staying calm throughout the act. Next, you need to set the right temperature and right ambiance for the massage. I already told you that she needs to feel comfortable, so, you need to set a warm room temperature for making her feel relaxed. Also, she might not like the bright light of the room so, make sure you have light onto enough candles to maintain the balance between dim and bright. Soft and light music can also make her adjust to the environment, but, just remember it should not act as an act of disturbance between you two. Soft cushions, blankets and towels also add to the fabric of pleasure for your partner.

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