Myths about Safe Sex and Sexual Health!! Wise Words!

There are many myths among people about sexual health and some of these are totally and foolishly false! Yes I am getting pretty dismissive about it precisely because, there is no dearth of information to go delving on the myths folks!! You can get info about sexual health from a doctor but if you are not comfortable with it then internet is here to provide all information.

Let the Myths Bust!

Here is a list of myths among people about sexual health.

Myths about Sexual Health:

  • No Chance of Pregnancy for First Time:

Although women are safe for the first time but it is not completely true, there are still risks. In fact 20 % of women get pregnant after having sex for the first time.


  • STD from Toilet Seat:

Viruses or other microorganisms which cause STD are not able to live outside the body, so there are absolutely no chances of those microorganisms living on your toilet seat and waiting for you to come. So it doesn’t matter who used the bathroom before you, however these organisms can be transferred through mouth to mouth or skin to skin contact. Like kissing can spread herpes.


  • The Contraceptive Pills are not Available to Minors:

There is no such rule for contraceptive pills. Any women who are above 17 can make use of these pills. These pills are available on all medical counters for women of all ages.

contraceptive pill

  • HPV Shot provides Protection from Cervical Cancer:

Gardasil and cervarix are vaccines for cervical cancer that gives protection against HPV. These also provide protection from genital warts. But these vaccines don’t provide protection from about 30% of cervical cancer.

hpv shot!!

  • Contraceptive Pills Cause Weight Gain:

Another illogical belief among people, there are no proven results or studies which show that contraceptive pills cause weight gain. You can use contraceptive pills without worrying about the weight gain.

birth control pills cause weight gain

Believing in things without having complete information can be harmful for you. You can confirm about any fact from the internet and if you want more information, then a doctor can help you better.

These myths are based on studies done on different people and asking about facts they believe in. I hope this article removed all your doubts regarding these myths, now you can wisely make a decision about your sexual health. Take all these important prevention methods in mind and you can live a disease free healthy sexual life.


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