For a Stress Free Motherhood – Tips to Co-ope After Child Birth!!

Being a mother is the most incredible phase in a woman’ life. It can also turn up to be one of the toughest one. Women with newborn kid go through certain challenges in their day to day life. It became even more difficult for working mother who very often forget themselves in an attempt to fulfill responsibilities both at home and office. You can enjoy motherhood and work life at the same time by keeping proper work-life balance in your life.

Here are few things that you should keep in mind in order to get maximum from both your personal and professional life.

  • Rejuvenate Yourself

Always find some spare time for yourself no matter how busy you are with your professional and personal commitments. Do things that give you happiness like gardening, watching your favorite TV soap, talking with bunch of neighborhood friend in park etc. These little moments of joy will rejuvenate you enough to perform well on both front of life.


  • Have Proper Rest

Every body needs break even a supermom like you need that. Being a mother it became more important to de-stress your mind and body. If possible, try to have a day break from all your responsibilities once in two weeks.


  • Keep Your Work and Family Separate

If you are a working women it is very important to go in a play and forget mode. Don’t bring worries and problems of office at home and while at office don’t try to solve the household chorus. This is very important to have proper demarcation between work and personal life.


  • Try to Forget Unnecessary Stuffs

Sometime it became very essential to forget the matter associated with your office while you are at home and vice versa. Too much responsibilities can cause stress even in most organised person.


  • Social Networking Provides Support

We often forget our friends when we have too many things to manage and handle. This is a big mistake often people tend to do. Friends can help us immensely to solve the problems which at a certain time seems overwhelming and difficult. Sometime just knowing that a certain friend is going through the same phase give a great sense of support.


Always remember that problems will come and go but the incredible journey of motherhood will never come back again. You should enjoy and experience the journey fullest. This unique phase of life will change you ,your priorities and perspective of life.


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