10 Reasons Your Baby Girl Is Crying

Babies are so cute and adorable. But, they become a never-ending menace when they start crying for no reason and it sometimes becomes hard for you to figure out the real reason of shredding her innocent tears. So, here are a few reasons which might be the case of a baby crying. Check them out and see if it is really true or not:

1. She is sleepy
This is kind of an obvious reason. Babies get tired very quickly and they need a long time for a good sleep. Their incomplete sleep may land you up in a trouble. She will keep on crying because she deliberately wants you to know that her day is over and she needs to sleep. So it’s time for her beauty sleep.

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2. Mum went to the washroom
This might be happening to many moms. Most of the time the babies are asleep but somehow, they gets to know the moment you wish to go to the loo and their cries starts instantly. They need you to be there sitting. So, it’s okay, just hug her once and come quickly from the washroom ASAP.

3. Mum wanted to take her picture
How long can you wait for that one little smile/ pose for a perfect picture of your baby daughter? It might even take hours. She can become nasty because you won’t be able to get her smile on the spot of taking a picture. Yes, you can’t tame babies, that’s so true.

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4. She got stuck onto her mother’s lap
Mom’s laps mean the world to your babies. But again, there’s a catch in it. What if your lap is too lose and your baby gets stuck into it. She would have no option but to cry and make you understand that she’s feeling uneasy. You can re-adjust and make it comfortable for you as well as your girl.

5. She just met a new person
Well, it doesn’t matter if the person coming to your place is your close relative or a friend, if he/ she is even a bit unfamiliar to her, she’ll get frightened and will cry. And worse still, she can release her pee if someone picks her up. So, beware.

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6. She went out for dinner
Not all the babies like going out. Even if you carry a big bag of baby diapers, her milk/ water bottle, her favorite toy, etc. But, you still become apologetic to the others sitting in that restaurant because she won’t stop screaming or crying.

7. Mum gave her a bath
All the babies can’t enjoy bathing. Imagine, the tub being filled with more tears than water; yes, that can be the case. You will just have to bear the cry because you can’t avoid her baths just because of her constant cries.

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8. Mum accidentally missed her mouth while giving pacifier
Giving your baby daughter a pacifier can be a tough task. But, her head won’t stop moving around here and there the whole time. And you by chance, push the spoon on her cheeks or nose and that can give her a cry. But, you finally get the triumph and insert the spoon in her mouth.

9. She got a vaccination
That’s another obvious reason to cry. In fact, we adults too scream when the injection is inserted. Your baby will give you a look which will clearly say, “”Why would you let them do this to me?” But then, it’s for her own good. So, chill.

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10. Donald Trump came on the TV
And for this one, well, I’ll give her a company too. Trump makes me cry as well!

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These few things if taken care, your baby girl will be nothing less than a box of joy!

Happy Parenting! 