8 Effective Weight Loss Tips For Busy Guys

We do so many things for losing weight and then we kinda get tired seeing no results. In fact, there’s no need to give your body so much pressure when there are ways by which you can easily shed kilos.

So, have a look at some tips which can be implemented easily in your super busy schedule and fight successfully with your calories:

1. Take A Selfie
It has been found that taking selfies are a wonderful way to shed those extra inches and pounds. If you take full body selfie, you will realize each day that you need to work out on a specific body part. In fact according to a Spanish study, taking a full-length selfie will help to reduce 2.6% weight in almost 4 months.

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2. Smart Workout
The trick is to go for a smarter workout not more. According to a study, people who go for a very tedious workout session for continuous 8 months reduces belly fat by an inch more than those who spend their time in a treadmill. The more you will work out in intervals, the more your body will stimulate more metabolism.

3. An apple a day
Studies have shown that going for shopping after having an apple (or any fruit) helps to metabolize your body and burn fat. According to a recent study, “When people ate one piece of fruit before grocery shopping, they bought 28 percent more produce—and less junk food—than consumers who had snacked on cookies.”

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4. Playing Tetris
It’s true that if you play intelligent games, you will feel less hungry. A recent study said that, “People who played Tetris for just 3 minutes reduced their cravings by 20 percent. The game puts your cognitive focus elsewhere, distracting you from your urge to hit the vending machine.”

5. Checking the Scales
If you keep weighing yourself very often, it’ll help you to shed your weight faster. Some obesity-related researches have practically proved that those who keep a regular weight check burn fatter than the others.

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6. 30 Minutes of Walk
Various studies have suggested an easy and quick weight loss technique, Walk. A good 30 minutes of stroll would help you to curb the calories. You can lose up to 1.6 inches in just a few months.

7. Keep a stock of Almonds with you
We keep feeling hungry during odd hours. And those untimely hunger pangs are majorly the reason of our fat collection. So always keep few almonds with you to keep your eyes off the burgers or an unhealthy snack.

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8. Take A Breath While Having food
According to the researchers, “Chewing your food for longer gives your brain more time to register that it’s full, so you ultimately eat less. But it’s not just that: When you eat slowly, your blood sugar rises in a more controlled fashion—rather than spiking like it would if you housed your lunch. This may help regulate your appetite throughout the day and how your body uses and stores its fuel. Take a deep breath or two between each bite to pace yourself.”