9 Most Irritating Words and Phrases that Are a Pain to Hear!!

There are some statements which are just not the kind of things that go down my throat well!! I am not talking about edibles, its the language that makes my heart go pouncing!

9 Most Irritating Words and Phrases that Are a Pain to Hear!!

#List of 9 Most Irritating Words And Phrases

Let me enlist some of these really erratic and ruefully irritating statements that go by as a norm!

#Wassup Buddy!! 

I checked out the ceiling, the fan, the upper story, the sky, etc, I bet there is nothing up there!! In spite of the evidences they use it! A couple of years back, this word was dying its natural death when the Whatsapp mobile application (which sounds pretty much similar) redeemed this phrase!!

Wassup buddy

#Yeah, No!

Clear up please!! Do you mean yes or do you mean no… make it a single word can you!! That makes understanding not such a terrible task after all!

#My Bad!!

Wait, its not an apology… its a verbal way of a shrug… a slightly covered up way to say “Yeah man, I don’t care!” Whatever happened to a well meant apology!


So you mean, you have been dishonest all the while till now?? So I can defer that typically you keep on lying but in this case precisely you are not.. yeah?


#I mean…!  

So you mean that you did not mean all other times, when you did not said that you mean this or that!! Do you talk in cheeseburgerese that you have to explain what you mean?? Hmm… ok!!

#At the End of the Day,… 

Have you checked the time dude, its not the end of the day yet!! Its said everywhere by everyone all the time!! May be you can try exchanging the phrase with some as trite as- ‘ when all is said and done…” sounds not so cringe-y, or does it??

#Just saying! 

Yep, you just said it… are you trying to take back your words, you make them less emphatic or scrap out the words  when you have already spoken them… seriously that I need an explanation of!

Just saying


#With all due respect…

Talking to a congregation and you are almost meaning that the opponent is not much of a respected person… ohh so you mean he/she is a foolish person (with all due respect)!!

#Get the ball rolling!!

Really… aham aham, it remind me of Games of Throne.. don’t tell me you don’t know what Games of Throne is yet!!! Hey wait… you mean the disco balls?? It gets one confused!!

Get the ball rolling

Do you agree with these cringe worthy words and phrases?? Or would you like to add some more in the list… Do that I want to know what should be really banned once and for all!!

Tcchhh…. did I just….??

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