Alucia Cream And Lumella Eye Serum : Get An Ageless Face

Smudged eyeliner, wipe it off extra. Overgrown roots, wax it off. Dry lips, apply lip balm. Aging signs, well not all these problems can be solved at the same time as you see there are many things which start indicating that we are getting age now. It is not surprising to find many women who constantly looking at their face in the mirror and then applying heavy makeup over it. Women! This is a time to stop hiding under the makeup and do something about it. I have got two amazing products which are Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum and they both cater to the needs of whole face and around eye area.

If this is not enough for you to hoard on this combo then read my unbiased review about the same.

STEP 1:- Alucia Cream

What is Alucia Cream all about?

Aging is one of those things we try to escape but blame our lifestyle and environment that adversely affect our skin. No matter what we do for the skin barrier which is there to protect our skin from external environment but it gets broken down after certain age. This leads to the degradation of collagen. Collagen is the reason why your skin looks soft and plump. To boost the collagen again in your skin, Alucia Cream is created. With the short period of time, wrinkles from your face and neck will be smoothen.

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How does this cream work?

The only key ingredient in Alucia Cream is hydrolyzed collagen. Like I said above losing collagen plays havoc with your skin now imagine what would happen when you get a boost of collagen back into your skin. Hydrolyzed collagen is the potent form of collagen and is specially created for the human skin. This includes a high grade of gelatin in it which makes it easy for this cream to penetrate into the deepest layer of skin unlike those products which only get settled in the surface layer and eventually breaks your skin out. Since these are the small chain of peptides have amino acids in it, the moisture layer which get broken down too will be repaired.

STEP 2:- Lumella Eye Serum

What Lumella Eye Serum is all about?

The eye area is one of the thinnest part of the skin and this is the reason it demands extra care. With the help of Lumella Eye Serum and its formulation, your under-eye region can get the care it needs to eliminate the aging issues from there. It does away sagginess from the under eye by giving the tightening effect to the pores which makes your eye region more smooth and toned.

What are the key ingredients present in this serum?

Witch Hazel Extract: This plant extracted ingredient naturally hydrates your skin by making up the moisture layer on your eye region skin.

Eyeliss and Haloxyl: They both are peptides and work towards in lightening the dark circles and treating puffy eye bags. They both loosen the accumulated fluids or small blood fragments in the under eye area which helps to reduce puffiness and lightening the dark pigmentation.

Chamomilla recutita extract: You should know that increased level of stress in our life also affects our under-eye area. This extract is soothing in nature and provides cooling effect to your eyes.

How to use this combo?

Formulation of Both the products complements each other so well that using them regularly won’t cause any irritation to your face and your eyes too. Just like every other anti-aging product, this cream and serum too come with steps to apply on your face to see desirable results. Following are the steps one needs to follow.

STEP 1:- Wash your face with an organic face wash to clear away any impurities settled on your face from the everyday pollution.

STEP 2:- After patting it dry with a towel, scoop out the required quantity of Alucia Cream from the jar and apply it all over your face and the neck. With your fingers, spread this cream and massage your face in a circular direction for even application. This will also circulate the blood circulation within your skin layer.

STEP 3:- When the cream is properly absorbed into the skin, it is time for the eye part. Spritz few sprays of Lumella Eye Serum on the cotton and carefully apply it around your eye area. With your ring finger gently gave this area a soft massage until the serum is properly unk into the skin.

Don’t you think these three steps is far much easier to do than bearing the pain of cosmetic surgery? With that it is being said to do these simple steps once in the morning and another at night. You will start to see a natural glow on your face after the few usage but to reach a state where all your wrinkles and fine lines will be minimized you need to keep using this combo for maximum 60 days.

When your skin starts glowing, you not feel well only from outside but from inside too. These women have never felt so confident about themselves until they used the combo of Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum. Take a look at what they have to say

Maria, 31 “The formulation of Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum must be so powerful that even in few weeks I started to see results. My friend got a surgery and she was too stunned to see a glow on my face.”

Suzanne, 35 “Working round the clock had taken a toll on my skin. Thank god to Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum for keeping up the glow on my face without going to any salon.”

From where to buy this combo?

Both these products are exclusively available on the Internet. To make a purchase of Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum, simply click the link below.

What extra care or any other points do I need to remember while using this combo?

Just make sure that you keep this combo in the dark and cool place away from the direct reach of children and sunlight. And another point, carefully apply the eye serum under the eye. If these products cause you any irritation, then immediately stop using them and consult with your dermatologist.

My skin type is very sensitive should I still go for it?

Not many products are there in the market for this type of skin due to the fact that it is hard to find the right proportion that won’t break out your skin. But, both these products are ideal for all skin types and its ingredients are proven for the regular application. Still, I don’t know the degree of your skin sensitivity so I would suggest you to do the patch test before trying out these products. Just put a small part of this product on the less sensitive area and if that doesn’t turn red you are good and if it does you need to consult with your dermatologist

If I have to choose between this combo and cosmetic surgery what should I choose considering the fact surgery will give me faster results?

Sure it will give you faster results. But what do you need faster or effective results? I hope you are aware of the fact that the composition these injections use is very strong and can cause the severe reactions. Look over the Internet and you will see for yourself how even the famous celebrities got the structure of their face changed (not in a good way) so badly. At least you are assured with the safe composition which Alucia Cream and Lumella Eye Serum use in their products and it doesn’t cause any side effects.

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