Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum : Is This Safe & Effective?

Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum is believed to have the potential to protect the skin from hazardous environmental damages. Using this serum, the skin may start restoring its original texture with a youthful radiance on the face.

An Overview Of Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum

There are many skin care and anti-aging products being produced every now and then! While some are immediately lapped up by customers, some others gather dust on the shelfs.

Their fate simply depends on the authentic efforts gone into their formulation.

Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum is one such product which seems to have found a way into customers’ good books. We have gathered information from its official website to examine this product.

As an introductory tool, the makers are running trial offer which allows a person to use this serum and decide whether to continue with it or not. This confident the makers are about their product!

The producers of this anti-aging serum have provided a list of potential benefits.

Wrinkle reduction; elimination of fine lines and crow’s feet; brightening the appearance; restoring hydration level; diminishing the dark circles around the eyes; softening the texture of the skin; forming a protective shield on the dermal layer; combating free radical damage; youthful radiance are some of the advantages listed on the website.

The Breakthrough Functioning?

On opening the web page, the bold letters ‘Revolutionary breakthrough formula’ will catch your eye. We repeatedly see these things on every second product website as most of the times this is the strategy of the makers to attract the viewers.

Further this formula is said to be rich in peptides along with whole collagen molecules to promote the functioning.

For the uninitiated, Peptides are the essential amino acids which stimulate collagen production to keep the skin firm and elastic. Peptides are added in almost every anti-aging skin care product as these amazingly restore the firmness of the skin. Collagen molecules have a similar motive of strengthening the collagen production as collagen is the base of a healthy and glowing skin.

The Injection-free Solution Of This Anti-Aging Serum

One great thing about age-defying creams and serums is that these act slowly and steadily to counter the aging effects from inside out and ensure long-lasting results.

Unlike Botox injections and other surgical procedures that involve the use of needles and injections to address the main causes of aging for instant results but with lots of risks involved, major and minor!

Important Pointers To Note

  • Results may vary and not show up as promised due to the different types of skin texture.
  • Do a patch test first and proceed with applying the serum all over the face if you find this suiting your skin.
  • Sensitive skin may react.
  • Only people above 30 years should use anti-aging products.
  • Keep this serum away from children and pets.
  • Combining this serum with a healthy diet may bring the best results.

Applying Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum

Serum and cream formula-based products come with the convenience to let them use any time of the day though applying the serum once before bedtime is a must. If the users want to get the best out of this formula, they should consider applying it twice a day. Once after taking the morning shower and secondly, before going to bed.

The consumers should cleanse their face thoroughly before treating the skin with this age-defying solution. This step would make sure that their skin is sanitized and there is no impurity left on it. They then should take a generous amount of serum and use their fingertips to evenly apply the serum on their face and neck area.

Pricing Of Brea Skin Labs Anti-Aging Serum

The users get the chance to test this formula for good 15 days (the count starts from the date of their order) by paying only the shipping charges of $4.97!

If they find this serum worth the time & money, they can continue the use and pay the complete price of $89.97 at the end of the trial period.

Contacting The Manufacturers

With each order, the consumers get a total of 15 days (11 days with 4 days of shipping) to see if this product works for them and suits their skin. If they are dissatisfied with the serum in this 15-day period, they can contact the makers by giving a call at (844) 893-0361 to cancel the order and avoid the chances of getting billed the actual price of the bottle.

The users can also email them at [email protected] to place a refund request.