Find Out the Do’s and Don’ts for Eyebrows Shaping!

Your eye brows may make up the smallest part of your facial look, but if not maintained or improperly trimmed, it can completely spoil your looks. Imagine how you would look when they are unevenly styled! That is why, maintaining your eyebrows are very necessary. Ok, I admit everyone knows it all too well. But in spite of knowing things too well, many a girls fall in trap and end up having badly trimmed or improperly shaped eyebrows.. I bet you will not oppose me with this list of Do’s and Don’ts for Eyebrows Shaping!


Many girls do land up facing eye brows related problems due to all the experiments conducted on them, this list shall rescue those damsels in distress! So that you do not fall into such issues, here is the list –

  1. The DO’s for Your Eye Brows:


  • Give them a break! Keep your threads or tweezers aside for at least three weeks allowing them to grow naturally so that you learn its growth pattern. Doing so can even help them to grow less accordingly compared to the manner it grew before.
  • Always tweeze your eye brows where there is enough light and not at all dark.
    The place should be spacious so that you are comfortable with your work. Doing this helps you to see all the fine hair so that you do not miss any of it.
  • It is very important that you use good tweezers. Quality tweezers can never allow you fall into the hazards of destroying your eye brows.


  • Always pull the hair from your brows according to the direction of its growth. This will help you in preventing any such injuries.
  • Always hold your skin tight whenever you start tweezing them out. It will help not to damage your skin and cause you pain.
  • After you are done removing the hairs, always apply a cream or moisturizer according to your wish.


  1. The Don’ts for Your Eye Brows:
  • Don’t go crazy as you tweeze. Be careful and never over tweeze your brows. It will spoil your look and make your brows uneven.
  • Don’t start trimming off your brow hairs from certain areas where it gets impossible to get them removed. They at times play an important role in protecting your lids.
  • Never tweeze more than one hair at a time. It may sound time wasting but doing so can just cause you pain and bleeding from the brow area.
  • It is not necessary to use a magnifying glass in order to see your brow hairs! Obviously, because some tend to do this and just land up into trouble.


So, always keep these following points in mind whenever you tweeze your eye brows or ask someone else to do so! It will always prove beneficial.

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