Foods to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

You may get surprised, but it’s true that there are some foods that impart significant effect on the health of your V part. Your vagina possesses a natural acidic pH level and healthy bacteria which help in warding off the infections. Don’t ignore private parts as they need proper care as well, or else, it runs the risk of getting infections like bacterial, yeast and other problems that cause pain, irritation and itching. So, to get rid of vaginal infection and keep it hygienic, there are some food items that you can include in your daily diet. Here is the list:

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1.Yogurt and probiotics

Probiotics or yogurt is a wonderful food that plays a significant role to keep your vagina healthy. It offers effective results in treating yeast infection, which causes due to Candida fungus as well maintain the pH level in the vagina. Also, probiotic foods are beneficial for adding good bacteria in your digestive system that keep your stomach healthy.

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 2.Cranberry Juice

Cranberry has a great ability to thwart and ward off the chronic symptoms of “urinary tract infections” (UTI). It possess sufficient amount of acidic compounds that fight well with “bad bacteria” that cause UTI infection and leave positive effects on the bladder. Moreover, it is also beneficial to reduce the side effect of alcohol and caffeine.

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 3.Green leafy vegetables and fruits

Are you feeling little dryness in your V part? Yes! Then include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet as it plays a vital role in marinating a healthy vagina. Spinach, cabbage, etc. are some specific vegetables that improve the blood circulation and prevent any type of annoying vaginal dryness problem. Choose citrus fruits such as orange and grapes as it contains rich amounts of vitamin C level and make your vagina healthy for enjoying sex.

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Garlic contains excellent antimicrobial and antifungal properties that provide amazing results in inhibiting vaginal problems such as vaginal dryness, odor, itching, etc. It is a boon for the women who are suffering from the pain of yeast infection. You can eat it in a raw form or can be cooked to boost your digestive system and combat vaginal yeast infection.

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 5.Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts such as almond, sunflower seeds, walnut, etc. are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and zinc elements that helps in regulating your menstrual cycle as well as fight well vaginal issues like itching, burning and dryness. Further, it also enhances your libido so that you can steam up your sex life.

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 6.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious to eat but also offers incredible results in maintaining the healthy uterine walls and vagina. It is filled with vitamin A that makes your uterine wall stronger as well as boosts the growth of sex hormones. Moreover, it makes you feel comfortable by keeping vaginal infection at bay.

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Additional Tips to Get Healthy Vagina

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  • Say no to sugar-rich and processed food, it can increase the risk of vaginal infection.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your vaginal membranes lubricated.
  • Use cotton underwear as it can absorb moisture and make you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t use scented soaps or wipes which leads to the vaginal dryness.
  • When you are suffering from infection, avoid eating foods that possess yeast like bread and beer.
  • Quit drinking and smoking as it increases the risk of infection.
  • Use condom while sex to avoid the chances of infection.