Foods which Boost Sex Drive

What is sex drive? Sex Drive aka libido is a person’s desire for sexual encounters and is an essential component of a healthy and rocking getaways from the humdrum of daily life.

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Sweetheart next time please………If you prefer sleep over sex then your sex drive really need a kickass kick. For this boost, you don’t have to do much of a work people. You can just add these foods to your diurnal diet.


Almonds not only look sexy but also boost up your sex drive. They are rich in vitamins and minerals which are known to improve sexual health. Almonds are source of fatty acids and arginine which helps hormones that maintain an erection.

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Almost all of us have met the red juicy fruit. The fruit is not only sexy in the way it looks but also helps in boosting the libido. It improves erection and vascular heath as it is packed up with the citrulline which pumps body with arginine and amino acids.



Loaded with vitamin B6 and folic acid, avocados helps in giving a kick to your sex drive as they regulate hormones and gives energy required for a nice sexual drive.  Additionally it stabilizes hormones in the system.



The fertility symbol EGGS helps in fighting stress and erectile dysfunction as both of them affect the sex life drastically. Eggs have large number of health benefits and also balance the hormones.



Saffron not only holds great importance when it comes to traditions but also otherwise. It’s a wonderful aprodisiac as well as a stuimulant of sex drive. It keeps anxiety and PMS under check.




#Strawberries, Raspberries And Peaches

The lip smacking and yummy looking fruits are great source of vitamin C and Zinc. Zinc is known for regulation of testosterone and Vitamin C helps in the problem of infertility. Moreover, it boosts the semen quality too.

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Chocolates are a great one when it comes to lifting the mood. It’s the yummiest way to improve your health as it contains alkaloids and anti oxidants. It also regulates the immune system. So go chocolaty!!!



You may not like its smell but its great herb to increase your libido. It has allacin that increases the flow of blood in sex organs and stimulates the libido too.


#Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato helps in fighting erectile dysfunction. It contains vitamin A and potassium which helps in infertility issues.

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Eating oysters triggers the sexual hormones. It is one of the best aprodisiacs which helps in the production of testosterone and the sperm.