Having Sex And Remaining Young- The Age Old Mantra!

Searching for the fountain of youth? Have sex – yeah, that’s got your attention right? 😉

Well… Sex and younger looks have been two unanimous desire of men and women from an ancient time. What if these two come together with each other! Well… Yes!! Now forget about anti aging creams, sex is the fountain of youth. No, seriously, as much as you enjoy your sexual life, you delay the signs of aging.

The positive effects of sex for a forever beauty (means looking younger for longer 😉 ) is a myth-breaker of all wrong belief system that advocates to stop sexing, after aging. So guys, get ready to know all reality of sex at higher age with me, and enjoy your sexual life at every age…


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# Sex, A Desire…

Having sex is all about the desire to get physical with your partner with a forceful energy, and it’s not at all the matter of age. So keep your beast alive within you, to enjoy the same naughtiness and wildness of, like your youth…

desire for sex

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# Oo…Noo…

Loss of sexuality is the worst outcome of the aging process. Rather than repenting on the loss, it’s better to work out on the matter and get a solution. And, what’s a better solution than unclothing your partner and yourself in your bedroom and start making out? Agree!!The most desirable components during the duration of sexual intercourse: the lusty desire, extreme enjoyment, and a wet performance will kiss your feet (and rest all body parts 😉 ) for that satisfaction, you are missing out for a long time.

lust for sex

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# The Bitter Truth!

Men at the age of 20, experience daily erection (that encourages masturbate to satisfy the need), but when they reach at 70, they find themselves lucky to have erections hardly twice a month. While, women lose their sexual desire due to various age-related mechanisms, like menopause.

bitter truth about sex

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#Real Relation Between Sex And Aging!

Well… the foremost truth behind sex and aging is that you feel a reverse in your age and its effects, while making out and right after the session, you feel like having more and more… 😀 By the way, the science also advocates the same: keep your sexual activity remain agile for an entire life to look and feel young. So, don’t just concentrate on your physical beauty, rather have sex and maintain a more youthful you.


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#What The Science Advocates?

A sound vascular system plays an unprecedented role in your sexual and mental well-being. Hence, it becomes essential for the multiple components of your body, start from the functioning of brain neurotransmitters to nutritional and hormonal balance, to work in order to have a healthy sexual life at an increasing age.

# Prevent It…

The good and encouraging news is that these age-related sexual disinterest problems are curable. Yes, but you will be needing to talk to your doctor freely about it as there are medicines to make penis harder, and many silicon and estrogen based lubricants for women to get wet after menopause to enjoy a satisfying sexual life well into senior age, more than once a week.

sex cure

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# It’s Possible…

Even science advocates sex at all ages, and hence don’t get to indulge in any myths of not enjoying sex at a higher age. Rather, stay young and beautiful by making out whenever you feel like. It’s the best anti aging treatment than other sex drive enhancement techniques, or anti aging treatments…

making out in bed

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# Now Awake The Lusty Desire…

A little of your effort and you are all set to rock your bed after your 50s, 60s or even 70s. After all a survey says, men want to have more and more sexual pleasure even after their 70s. So just feel like making out and you won’t be needing any external forces to recall your sexual potential. Just make it out now… 😉

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