Diseases Cured By Passionate Sex!

Before I jump in the pool of this wet and sensuous topic, I would like to quite Mr. Woody Allen, “The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it” and I cannot help, but smile on the authenticity of this quote. We all entail sex, while some admit it openly and have multiple partners, some prefer to shy away from the limelight and love the action in a dark room.

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I say, why make it a taboo when it is not just the pleasure, but need for this entire human race, I mean do you have any other way to procreate? (Sperms are needed for both test tubes and IVF babies, so don’t bother). Well, that’s altogether a different issue.

I am here today to share with you some of the amazing health benefits of sex that will help you convince your partner for an all night action ;)… (thank me later, and yes I love chocolates :P)

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So, make hay while the sun shines…

#With SEX, You get a Reason to Get Depressed Now 😉

No, it’s a benefit, here’s how. Having sex, just twice in a week helps in keeping the symptoms of stress and depression at bay. It assists in calming down the nervous tension that is caused generally due to heavy workload in the office or at home. It is also seen that women, who have regular orgasm seem to be less depressed not only physically, but emotionally too. So, go buy her a sexy lingerie now! After all you are doing this for her health only.

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#Insomnia – Naah, we are just having Sex! Seriously? 😛

Sex releases serotonin that is also known as a happy hormone. Its adequate levels in the body release tension and provide good sleep. So, the next time, she says, she is not sleepy, take her into your arms and you know what next. Then you can fall in the deep slumber easily.

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#A Strong Bond = Happiness

Emotional connectivity is fine, but what about the physical needs. Don’t you want to be as close to your partner like a blossoming flower and the fragrance? Yes, you do. Sex makes your bond stronger and keeps you happy and satisfied. This culminates to happiness and more happiness means better body and health.

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# Aachuu….? Try Making Out

Having sex just twice or thrice a week strengthens the immune system by increasing the production of immunoglobulin A. This spreads the layer of protective barrier across our whole body to protect us from common cold and flu virus. It may also help fight with the symptoms of asthma by improving the overall well being. And the best thing – if your partner has cold, it won’t catch you even if you smooch like mad dogs 😛

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#Heal Back Pain

Various research studies show that the vaginal stimulation does help in overcoming menstrual cramps, arthritis, back pain and various other ailments. It increases the tolerance level by releasing chemicals from the brain, which further assist in relieving from the pain immediately. So, when you get back home, find your woman growling in pain, try taking her clothes off and jumping on her (gently).

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#Have Healthy Teeth

Having oral sex each day will keep the dentist away (forget the apple now). Yes, it has been proven that kissing your partner releases more saliva in your mouth. This saliva has cleansing properties, which decrease the harm done by cavities and protect your teeth from dental plaque.

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#Say Good bye to Severe Headaches

Doing sex helps release a hormone called oxytocin, which accelerates the level of endorphins. Together they act as natural painkillers to provide relief from the severe headaches. So, the next time, you reach your first aid box for Aspirin, try a steamy sex session first.

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#Attack Aging

A happiness booster for all the ladies reading this, having sex thrice a week can help make you look young and smarter. How? Well, this has something to with the DHEA hormones. When you reach the climax and enjoy the shaking orgasm, the body release this hormones that not just helps in turning back the clock, but has direct impact on our immune system and tension headaches.

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# For a Healthy Heart

A study conducted by the Queen’s University tried to show that making love thrice a week reduces the risk of heart attack (stroke) by a huge number. While estrogen production in women bodies are known to fight the heart diseases, on the other hand, men also tend to minimize the risk of having a stroke by up to 50% if they have sex more frequently.

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I guess, these pointers are enough to help revive your sex life if it’s in a bad condition these days.

Now some tips on how to make the action better to leave your partner craving for more (and this way you both can enjoy good health for as long as you want)…

  • Do not black out, if you can see your partner enjoying your efforts down there, it will boost your confidence and make you enjoy more, try lighting some aromatic candles or bed side lamp for a soothing environment
  • The distance from caressing to intercourse and finally orgasm should be covered with patience, sensuality, and desire. Kiss each other, play with body parts and express it all…
  • Prefer safe sex as a fear of unwanted pregnancy can upset your mind and you may not be able to enjoy the act properly
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For now, this is it! Do share the benefits you could achieve after reading this piece of information and make me happy 🙂