Gen Vactive : How Safe And Effective Is This Male Enhancement?

Both men and women are way too concerned about the way they look. Often women spend time to make their bodies look thin and lean whereas men long for a Roman warrior like physique and stamina.

But sometimes despite working hard, men feel they have hit a wall in lovemaking and workout sessions. Their sexual confidence wanes. The reason behind this is the much-dreaded word “aging”. Should this stop you from achieving great orgasms or a chiseled body? No, this is where supplements like Gen Vactive help.

A fear which most of the men possess is, not being able to perform sexually when the time comes. Modern crappy diets, excessive couch time, and meddlesome medications affect the sexual function of men. The situation is so grave that even the younger men of the society are affected by this. According to a research by the “Journal of Sexual Medicine”, 1 out of every 4 new erectile dysfunction patients is below the age of 40.

What is Gen Vactive?

The muscular physique which all men desire can be easily achieved during the 20s and 30s but when a man hits, commonly known as the youth of old age, that is, 40, he feels unequipped in every arena of life. This is where the supplementation becomes necessary. When men age, their testosterone levels dip which is the root cause of all the disappointment.

Gen Vactive skips all the hype and gets down to the basics of gaining muscle mass. Do you think elite athletes are born with that enviable body? No, they push themselves to an extra mile. They supplement their diets with EXTRA nutrients their bodies may require putting on those extra well-defined muscles and that sex appeal.

Note For Gen Vactive User

Often muscle enthusiasts complain enhancers don’t deliver results as promised but this only happens in one scenario-when the consumer doesn’t reach their peak performance. They only maintain 95% heart rate for prolonged periods before exiting the gym.

When Consumers Take Gen Vactive, They Can Expect

  1. Increased Sex Drive

No matter what age you reach, Gen Vactive can replenish sexual energy which will unleash waves of passion just like in youthful times.

  1. Increased Testosterone Levels

Increased testosterone levels means increased sexual confidence. When you have everything in place, you can perform impeccably in the bedroom.

  1. Longer Endurance In Love Making And Workout Sessions

With this supplement you can go for as long as you fancy. Your endurance will increase as their will be an increased flow of blood in your penile chambers.

  1. Reduced Recovery Time During Physical Activities
  2. Improvement In Muscle Mass

What Is The Composition Of Gen Vactive ?

As per its official website, he product comprises herbal extracts and active botanicals which are safe as well as effective. The product is available without any prescription which is a testimony of the safety, efficacy, and zero side effect guarantee.

The product is made up of the following ingredients

  1. Tongkat Ali Extract

It is one of the most well-researched sexual nutrients which restores libido and brings back sexual confidence.

  1. Wild Yam Extract

It helps you to come out of your sexual shell and paves road for fabulous sex. It does so by reducing stress and anxiety related to sexual performance pressure.

  1. Horny Goat Weed Extract

This has been used since ages to turn up the heat in the bedroom iduring times when the big O was elusive. It works to give longer periods of pleasure by increasing sexual stamina.

  1. Nettle Extract

This tonic herb has been used since ancient times to resolve all sexual woes. It works with the sex-binding globule and frees the testosterone for body to make use of.

  1. Saw Palmetto Extract

It has a host of sexual benefits. This herb stimulates erectile response and perks up testosterone levels too.

For Whom Is Gen Vactive Best Suited For?

Whosoever is facing sexual troubles like erectile dysfunction, low energy, waning sexual stamina, unmanageable stress can rely on Gen Vactive to curb these issues.

It is suitable for people who have crossed the age of 30. However, it shouldn’t be used by people who are below 18 years of age.

In case a person is battling any kind of illness, it is better to consult a doctor before trying this supplement.

What Is The Recommended Dose Of Gen Vactive ?

As per some sources, the user is required to take 2 pills a day with a glass of water. Adhering to the recommended dose will impact your body in a positive way.

However, if any doubts prevail, you can contact them on their official website. However, it is a hassle as you need to fill up a long form and clear contact details aren’t provided.

Gen Vactive In A Nutshell

It appears (from their official website), a lot of people have benefited from the product but it hasn’t been approved by the FDA as yet, so the consumer should use it at their own discretion.

Gen Vactive is a dietary supplement which can help bring your sex life back on track by boosting your testosterone levels and libido. Read the review here.