It is a colorless and odorless liquid which is composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Since it is non-toxic, one will find this mainly in soaps and anti-aging creams. It can reverse the signs of aging by retaining the water under the skin which helps in the moisturizing skin. It is also called as an humectant meaning it attracts water from the atmosphere this helps in keeping the hydration level optimal on an intracellular level in the skin cells by sealing the moisture.

When your dermis layer is hydrated and moisturized, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will also reduce. It also treats and heals the damage from the sun by easy penetration under the skin. The dark spots you see on your skin which affects your beautiful face will also be reduced due to its capability to remove clogged impurities from under your skin. It will give you the soft and supple skin you used to have back. It will also reduce the wrinkles and fine lines by filling the gaps on the skin to make you look young. It is proven that it can make your face look plump by increasing the epidermal thickness. It can fight the effects of many skin disease and signals it to mature in a normal way. Sometimes skin cells start to shed before they are even mature. This makes the skin be scaly and thickened. Apply an anti-aging cream which has glycerin added in it; this process allows it to reach full maturation before shedding.

Due to its nature, it can be used by on the sensitive skin also.