Hair/ Celebrities- Hair Transformation!

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Change, it is sometimes the requirement and sometimes happens for the good! It sways in all directions. In short, it is like the mood of a human, which never stays permanent. Oh my God, did I just say that? Ha-ha, I am becoming definition inverter day-by-day! ūüėõ

Well, moving on, the change which I was talking about in above para, was about the change that celebs tends to bring in their lives through their hair transformations. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about the stylish or unique cuts and colors or dyed follicles of well known scalps that we often get to notice on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter.

After creating a big group of butterflies in your stomach, let me reveal about the list of celebs who have gone through this change..

#Katy Perry


From long ponytail to short curls, from burgundy to blue, purple, black and many more colors, she has tried it all. But, her recent pic or rather her recent cut, resembles nothing from her past. From long hairs, she has gone for a boy cut. Strange, but suits her too!

#Miley Cyrus


This was really a big surprise for me! Godd, I have still not got recovered from this shock. From such lovely long curls, to an ombre bob and now, to a blonde pixie cut. Can’t comment much on her!

#Lerato Kganyago


Long, super long and vast extensions were used to be her style statement, but gone are those days. Now, she is rocking her refreshing look with her hairs chopped. Though this one rocks too!

#Kim Kardashian


Like 50 Shades of Grey, she too has different shades for her locks. From black to blonde, grey and many more, she has now get hold of her official natural look, black. Though she rocks in every shade!

#Tyra Banks


This was another shock for me! From carrying that look of medium length hair to going for an uber-chic pixie style was indeed a great shocking transformation, but, I think that suits her!

#Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


After realizing the fact that her hair could not get any longer, she decided to go for a hot bob cut. This bona fide bob is indeed matching to her personality and is serving as the key factor towards highlighting her face and neck elongating departments!

#Idina Menzel


Her raven locks were practically her trademark. Yes, it was! Now, she is carrying the new blonde look with flicks in front. Indeed a good and unique change for her and us too. Thumps up!

#Jessica Alba


Her perpetually long and wavy locks have made our heads turn various times, but, I am sure her recent look with bob cut, will surely catch your attention. This bob cut is, even though serving as a latest trend in the glamorous world, but, it seems like it is suiting to each and every celeb too!



Who can forget her long hair locks? I am sure no one, but, her favorite bob hairstyle is also something which we can’t overlook. Yes, you nailed it right, she is again back to her bob looks!

#Scarlett Johnsson


Shaved head might not be the trending one, but it is sure to be on the trending list at least after getting the OK remark from Scarlett. Yeah, I agree she was supporting the bob look recently, but, believe me, now she has improvised the look with a side-shaved or undercut look!

#Nhlanhla Nciza



Playing around with your hairs must be learned from Nhlanhla Nciza obviously. She has played with her hair sin many different and rocking ways. From mohawk to blonde look was definitely the best change for her as well as her lovers!

#Jared Leto


I always used to feel jealous of his long tresses, but, I had no idea he would respond to my jealousy in such a weird manner. Could you believe his long hair are no more? He is carrying a bleached short hairdo look recently. I mean seriously?

After Jared’s shock, I can’t write more. But, for my readers, I would like you all to chose the best one among the list and simply go for it. As a concluding note, let your hair loose and enjoy! ūüėČ