HGH XL : Bulking Up Harder And Faster In Months

HGH XL :- If you are having a hard time kicking some metal in the gym then you are not the only one. I turned 42 last year and my back hurt so bad doing the chin up reps. Benchpress hurt like I just broke my back and suddenly, I wasn’t the athlete I fancied myself to be.

Growing up, my generation didn’t have smart phones and coming from a family of physiotherapists, I was supposed to be physically active. I did everything the dieticians told me to, signed up for the calorie checker apps and worshipped my trainer until I realized that my body gave up after 15 pushups! What were all these efforts worth when my strength didn’t grow?

My breaking point came and it was heartbreaking. My son grew too big for me to wrap him in my arms and dance him around like an airplane. I tried lifting him up on his graduation day and I gasped for air soon as I held him up. I could age gracefully, do those things parents do on the internet when their kids leave for college but I wanted my energy back, my pride back. After an exhausting 60 days, I found my rescue in HGH XL. I will be honest with you. I didn’t know a thing about supplements or diets or even those workouts until I tried a pre-workout 5 years back and it just didn’t work for me. I grew up a rebel in a house of academics so working out was my distraction. I didn’t know the first thing about diets until few years back when my 15 year old told me about how your body doesn’t even absorb most of the protein you eat.

I first heard about steroids from a colleague who got a bit carried away with packing on muscle. I saw his results and swore to never touch that stuff. But I wanted the results, at least my energy and stamina if not the muscle. My marriage had been great until my stamina failed me doing pushups and post that moment, I didn’t have the confidence. That’s when I decided to take a risk and try out a growth solution that trainer had been telling me about since a year! I couldn’t even name the ingredients but I trusted him and took two capsules of HGH XL every day. I spent the entire first week contemplating and criticizing the decision but soon as I noticed my stamina kicking up, I decided to stick to the routine.

I used to brand supplements a desperate invention but I came around to the appreciate the idea after my experience with HGH XL. I am still taking it but my routine ends in 23 days and after that, it’ll be just my maintenance stack. But this formula really did surprise the living daylights out of me. Within just a week, I was getting so much energy or as this internet generation likes to put it, I was killing it!

I didn’t even get any side effects. Taking the plunge worked for me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Within three months, I was back to working out straight for 60 minutes and It didn’t make me gasp. My son came back on thanksgiving and he couldn’t stop haggling me for the dumb bells and didn’t even notice the HGH XL bottles. In fact, he didn’t believe when I told him it was a growth supplement.

I got HGH XL on a trial period first and then bought 3 bottles of it on bulk order through my trainer. He had been taking it for long so he designed my diet and workout so I’d get the best results and even though, I was a bit reluctant at first about putting some abbreviated amino acid formula in my body, my opinion changed after the trial.


I feel no shame in admitting my laziness for everything digital and tech savvy but I tried looking for some reviews and testimonials on HGH XL online. Turns out that it is not that known. How can something so active, fast and real not be famous online, I wondered. My wife usually blames my poor browsing skills but HGH XL is really not that famous.

It has all the ingredients of a nitric oxide booster but its arginine blend with Niacin B-3 works on keeping human growth hormone up too. While most other HGH products my trainer, Brad, told me about had less than 5000mg of the arginine blend, HGH XL packs 7170mg of L Arginine AKG, Citrulline Malate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Arginine HCL, L-Histidine and L-Norvalline. Then there is 30mg of Niacin B-3 which makes it synergistic.

My diet was simple with some cruciferous veggies in morning, hummus-Pita for special breakfasts and the usual for the rest of the day. My trainer wanted me to quit steak and pies and I just couldn’t so we added an extra 30 minutes of crunch and plank reps on alternate days. Bulking up was hard work but keeping the fat low was harder because naturally, my metabolism didn’t respond very well to aging. Even with all the pain and doubts, I managed to bulk up and I didn’t have to work too hard on fighting cravings either.

Almost 5 years back, I had such a miserable experience taking a taking a caffeine drenched pre-workout. The anxiety and jitters killed my sleep and triggered my paranoia regarding supplements. But HGH XL doesn’t even have creatine, sodium or stimulants. I had been on a low sodium diet and steak was my only escape so taking HGH XL solved most of my workout problems.

It has only been less than a year and I can see my triceps and shoulders getting bigger and better. But I have to mention that HGH XL is only for the strong-minded because my son (20) tried it, could barely handle the energy. I tried to get him off it but he wouldn’t listen so I got him a 14 day trial and supervised his dosage when he was home for holidays. But he was so laidback with working out that his energy levels got all messed up. But three other graduate kids at my gym bulked up pretty hard in just months.

I guess if you got the motivation, HGH XL will work for you.