Interesting Electronic Gifts for Your Geeky Relatives

Festive season is on the loop and you are yet in a muddle what to buy as gifts for your relatives and friends? Are you worried will he like it or would she love it?

I have some unusual but interesting electronic gifts ideas you would love to try out this festive season and surprise your relatives with these smarts choices… take a look.


Now you do not have to go to all your guy friends asking if you want to gift him something technical and spectacular! There are many options in the market you can look for other than mobiles, laptops and other gadgets, which are very common. In this article, I am going to suggest you some different technical and innovative products which you can gift to your geeky friend.

#Geeky Gadgets Gifts Ideas for a Geeky Friend-

#Self Sustaining Eco-sphere

A self sustaining eco-sphere is a self supporting ecological system that comes enclosed in a borosilica glass sphere. This innovative creation is the result of research NASA put into creating a self sustaining environment for space stations. The environment inside the glass supports life to plants and animals. Also there is air and water in the sphere to support different life forms.


#Hidden Bookshelf

This shelf is made up of glass, it holds the books up against the wall making it look like that the books are glued to the wall but the secret is the support given by the glass from below which is inconspicuous to human eye. So with this shelf in your house you can bring question marks in your guests’ heads.


#Voice Activated Thermostat

This thermostat works on voice recognition technology. You can change the temperature of the room by just giving commands from your mouth. This device can be very useful for blind people. The voice programming in this thermostat can be activated by clapping twice.


#Wooden Clock

It is a clock made up of wood that looks like a wooden block that shows time magically, as the digits of time seems coming out from the inside of wood.


#Digital Picture Frame

These digital picture frames are famous in market these days and are available with different attractive features.


#Glow Flow Faucet

It is a superb Led faucet attachment that provides a sci-fi touch to your sink, when the water is cold the blue LED makes the flowing water blue and when water is hot it glows red. So it can make your sink attractive and totally geeky.


#Celebrity Weighing Scale

On this weighing machine you can compare your weight with celebrities. The meter shows the name of celebrity that holds the same weight as you have right now.


So you can select any of these superb products to make your geeky relative or friend feel good.

If you have some more spectacular gifting ideas for your geeky friends and relatives… pour in into the comment box.. we love sharing, share with us!

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