JUST FRIENDS – Seriously??

And I quote…A Guy and a Girl can be just friends but at one point or another they will fall for each other. May be temporarily, may be at the wrong time, may be too late or may be forever -Dave Matthews

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Can friendship between the opposite sexes possible? Can a girl and a guy be friends?

The battle for the answer is still on. So here you go with the answer which is actually true but your heart doesn’t acknowledge.

Just friends ?? nah… you can’t be…  Attraction always has a poking nose when it comes to friendship between different sexes. One of the two either falls for the other or a development of soft corner paves a way in the highway of friendship.

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Friendship between men and women is quite quixotic. Now even some researchers say it’s practically not possible to be “just “friends and romance will be lurking somewhere down the valley. And it gets more complicated when world questions about your relationship when they see you two together…Oh you two are seeing each other? Are you dating him/her?

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Accept it or not, subconsciously mind goes in the other direction, though in most cases people will not accept it. It’s actually heart battling with the sincere mind. And with God’s grace if any of the two hooks up with other guy or girl then the other so called “just friend” will be cold and shattered deep down which ultimately creates a void and gives birth to jealousy. It’s a situation like We are more than friends but less than a couple 😛

Attraction is not a choice but it depends on you how you act on the attraction. Still if you want a high success rate in your friendship, keep the things under control and never take advantage of the feelings other person have. If both the individuals adhere to the line, then it will be a fulfilling friendship and satisfying too.

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So go on guys and gals… may be you end up being the partner of your best friend .Who knows!