Luminesque Skin Serum: Glowing Skin With Lesser Wrinkles Naturally

Luminesque Skin Serum :- Fairly new but extensively famous and favored among the online audience, Luminesque Skin Serum is an all natural, anti-wrinkle solution to keeping the skin healthy, vibrant and smooth.

We came across the product while randomly going through the adverts online few months back. At first, we didn’t pay much attention but just three weeks back, I received a query from a regular reader who said that she wanted us to pen a review on this new product she was using. Ally, 47 and a mother of two, said that she had been using it for 2 months and even though it was costly, she couldn’t make up her mind if it was working or not. Ally said that her marks from under the eyes disappeared and her smile wrinkles grew lighter but her expression wrinkles were still the same.

Ally had sent us testimonials before but when we read about her experience with Luminesque Skin Serum, we were a little surprised. After that, we had to review the product.

You can only buy Luminesque Skin Serum online which makes it kind of an exclusive product, adding to the hype. But What is it really? A luxury skincare for anti-aging benefits or a another overpriced anti-wrinkle product on the market? Find out.

Available only in the Canadian market, Luminesque Skin Serum is a Matrixyl 3000 anti-aging product that has high potency of the best wrinkle countering and key antioxidant ingredients.


Benefits Luminesque Skin Serum promises are:

  • Reduction in the surface wrinkles occupy
  • Decline in density and depth of the wrinkles
  • Decrease in the volume of wrinkles
  • Protection from and reversal of the roughness that wrinkles cause on the skin
  • Healthy lifting of the skin (Cheeks and jawline skin often sags due to age)
  • Healthier levels of elasticity
  • Much more balanced tone of the skin

Ingredients of Luminesque Skin Serum and how do they work?

We checked the official website along with the label which provides these ingredients as the key ingredients:

  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glycerin
  • Coffee Seed Extract

Matrixyl 3000 is an advanced ingredient that targets the protection of collagen within skin. The INCI name for the ingredient is Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7. This amazing ingredient helps in boosting cell and collagen replenishment along with fibroblast protection from internal inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid is an elasticity and lubricating agent that helps the skin maintain flexibility. It is even found in joints but its secretion reduces with age which makes the skin dry (and joints hurt). However, topical application allows better moisture retention along with healthier tissue repair and improved suppleness as it has the natural ability to hold 3000 times more water.

Green Tea Extract has astonishing ability to counter the damage of stress and aging. Its polyphenols’ impact on protecting skin cells is well documented and this helps in warding off the stress, wrinkles and puffiness that free radical cells cause.

Coffee Seed Extract is another healthy ingredient that aids in revitalization of the skin.

Glycerin, a humectant well known for its potent hydration benefits, further helps in retaining moisture. While the skin loses moisture when it comes in contact with external drying factors, Glycerin enables better moisture protection.


How to use?

Follow the usual method of cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin and make a routine of the process so your skin gets daily nourishment.

Are there any side effects? 

The first thing we checked when we decided to review Luminesque Skin Serum as make a call for authentic and real reviews. We had to wait a week but almost a dozen of women responded to our call. Not all of them had their receipts of the purchase so we only considered feedback from women who had their receipts and these were 7 women. Three of these women had dry skin while rest one had normal skin and other three had combination skin.

All these women confirmed that they liked their results while using Luminesque Skin Serum. Although, they found it quite costly compared to the other low range moisturizers on the market but as far as results are considered, Luminesque Skin Serum works as a reliable investment. Here is a brief summary of the results

  • It delays premature aging (Some women whose testimonials we considered were also under 30 and were already facing aging signs but after applying Luminesque Skin Serum for almost two months, their premature aging signs stopped)
  • It maintains healthy hydration levels on the skin (Women we interviewed said that they didn’t have to reapply it until they washed the face or perspired too much within a 7 hour window)
  • Counter wrinkles and fine lines appearance as well as depth (Women confirmed that they saw a visible decline in wrinkles)
  • It limits the visibility and darkening of sunspots
  • It develops better collagen synthesis as the skin of women who used grew noticeably much more elastic
  • It firms skin and gives skin a more younger appearance gradually over time


How long do you need to use it to see the promised benefits?

We suggest that you apply Luminesque Skin Serum for at least 2 months before you judge the results. However, there is a simple trial offer that allows buyers to use the product for almost a week without paying for it.

Now within this 7 day trial option, buyers can still use and check if the product works for them since certain results like moisture retention, skin firming and radiance development will be visible during this time.

But to really see the wrinkle decline, we recommend that you use it for at least a couple of months before reaching any conclusion.

Is it recommended?

We don’t have a reason to not to!

Our own conclusion of recommending Luminesque Skin Serum came as a surprise to even us but after checking the product and every aspect of how it works and its ingredients, we can confirm that it indeed works and is worth recommending. However, we’d like to inform Luminesque Skin Serum is a luxury skin care product which is why it is so costly but the trial option really makes it affordable.