Qualities Men Find Attractive in Women- Must Read For All!

Just like women men also look out some qualities in a woman. Do you wonder that you’ll be able to get a chance to date a handsome man? Women generally think that men only like woman with a beautiful face and sexy figure. This perception is wrong. Some men prefer good looking woman while other give more importance to inner beauty. But what exactly men looks in a woman for a long lasting relationship.. What men find attractive in women??

What do Men look for in you??

Following are the traits in women that attract most of the men. Watch out for these…

Man like Non-Materialistic Woman

Do you want a high maintenance girl? Just like you most men get turned off with in-affordable woman. They like woman with true nature but not the one who only tries to squeeze the pocket, i.e. the gold digger types!


Honesty is Important

Men hate women who are not honest and serious in the relationship. The like a partner with whom they can share every single bit of their life. Being honest will prevent misunderstanding and keep relationship healthy.


Good Sense of Humor

Most men want to have a good and fun filled relationship. Good sense of humor of woman keeps relationship lively and this is one of the main things which attract a man.


Women who behave well are appreciated by men. If you are presentable and speak well then you got a green signal gal! Men can easily fall in love with a woman who is well mannered.


Emotionally Stable

Most of the females are emotionally weak. But men do not go after those women who start crying over the littlest matters of life. Men don’t like moody women at all.


She Should be Independent

Many women depend on their family. If you rely too much upon your family and friends then you are not that type which men folk prefers. Men prefer women who are independent and can help others too.



This is another quality that attracts men. Respect is one of the most important things that a man wants. Listen to him but don’t make any scene in front of friends or in public places. Respect you man and get tons of love.


Physical Appearance

Ok, I Know you were missing this point and must be on the verge of dismissing me as one who represents facts wrong!! But believe me It is true, physical appearance is the first thing men notice, but if the other things do not follow up, the attraction is dumped right there!! Of course, men like women who are well presentable. Don’t put on too much makeup, keep it minimal, natural to win attention. You are not required to be a style diva but look good, smell good and make him happy.


In the end I would like to say that chemistry between you and your man matters most!


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