Recapture-360 : Is this Anti-Aging Cream Safe & Effective?

Recapture-360 is said to be a perfect blend of natural ingredients and is being offered as an excellent age-defying skin care formula. It supports the production of elastin and collagen proteins that improve skin’s elasticity & firmness and give you a younger-looking skin.

What is Recapture-360?

Recapture-360 is claimed to be an effective skin cream that reduces wrinkles, fine lines and hydrates the skin, resulting in the soft and supple skin. This rejuvenates the skin using the natural ingredients and helps you achieve glowing and smooth skin. Additionally, it restores the firmness of the skin and assists in overcoming visible aging signs.

Ingredients Present in Recapture-360

  • Neodermyl: This revitalizes the skin and aids in the production of collagen. It also makes skin soft and firm and promotes overall turnover of the skin cell.
  • K Vita C: It is a special form of Vitamin C that provides protection to the skin from free radical damage and improves the texture & colour of the skin.
  • Elix-IR: This ingredient protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure (photoaging) and premature signs.
  • Systenol A: It reverses skin damage and improves skin texture.
  • Phormistim G: This boosts anti-oxidant properties naturally.
  • Aquaxyl: It promotes ultra moisturization of skin in a natural way.
  • Mitostime: This is obtained from brown algae that are rich in iodine, copper, zinc and other minerals that boost antioxidant properties.

Recapture-360 Review: How does it Work?

The product is being claimed to be prepared from Bio-Copper, a specially formulated complex that promotes skin providing ultra-hydration and also boosts turnover and repair capacity of the damaged skin cells. It works on two principles, that is, first, it captures and locks the skin moisture and secondly, it offers protection against ultraviolet rays.

Key Benefits of Recapture-360

  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles, signs and dark spots
  • Promotes skin elasticity and firmness
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth
  • Maintains ultra hydration as well as moisturization of the skin
  • Supports the repair of skin damage

How to Apply Recapture-360 cream?

  • Wash the face using a mild cleanser and pat dry with a clean & soft towel.
  • Take the cream out on the fingertips.
  • Apply it all over the face & massage gently so that it gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Repeat this procedure twice a day for best results.

What does Manufacturer Claims about Recapture-360?

The manufacturing company claims that the product helps to reverse the fine lines and creases due to advancing age.

How to Buy Recapture-360?

  • This is available at the official website of the manufacturer. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the order.
  • In case of any doubts, you may call on the Customer Service Telephone: 800-548-1736.

Who can Use Recapture-360?

It can be used by ladies with premature aging signs, wrinkles and fines lines.

Are There any Side Effects of Recapture-360?

The product has been reported to be safe and showed no side effect so far by its users . However, the result may vary from person to person as different people have different skin texture and quality.

Recapture-360: Cost

It is offered at a free trial of $4.95 for 60 days along with a surprising gift. In case the customer does not contact the manufacturing company within 30 days, they will be billed for $69.95 and after 30 days, another $69.95. In addition, you will be automatically enrolled under the auto-ship program and will be charged $69.95 along with a shipping charge of $7.95.

Recapture-360 Review: Is it Effective?

The product is claimed to be effective that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, giving it a softer and younger look.

What Customers Say about Recapture-360 Cream?

Most of the customers claimed this to be safe & reviewed it positively and were satisfied with the results that they have obtained from it.

Things to Consider!

  • Drink plenty of water so that toxins flush out from the body.
  • Avoid the intake of oily & fatty food.
  • Do not apply cosmetic products if not required.
  • Use sunscreen prepared from natural ingredients before going out.

Final Verdict

If you are in search of a reliable and powerful skin care product then Recapture-360 may prove to be effective as makers claim that this is readied using herbal extracts and is free from chemicals .