# What is Solo Sex?

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Do i need to tell you that? I am sure I need not to, but for general information, having sex with oneself is known as Solo Sex. 😉

No buddy beside my side, no worries I’ll have sex with me … not a big deal 😛

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Playing with your own self is not a crime, it’s as pleasurable as social sex can be. It’s not only meaningful, but also a heavenly experience. It helps you to know yourself and have a better connection with your inner self. Solo-sex aids you to know about the erogenous zones, which satisfies you the most, so that you can even give lessons to your other half…Dual benefits, you see 😛 … but, forget that, leme have fun first!!

So here, we are giving you some sexiest solo sex positions to please yourself. What are you waiting for now? Look down!

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