Tips to Bring Your Man Down On His Knees

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Let me take you into your most fantasize world where every woman dreams of being wanted by her man. Bringing bouquets and chocolates or may be an expensive ring for you and offering these things to you, that too on his knees…ummm, there’s something sexy about that, no? Well, ladies open up your eyes and face the real world now. Making these things true in real ways is quite possible now. Here are a few tips which can make him beg for you and your precious time. Go on ladies and make you feel wanted in their list..

# Don’t Chase Him

You are not a 24*7 available service which claims to provide 24 hours service to its consumers. Well, rise above ladies and let him chase you. Play like a woman who is hard to get. Actually men love to chase so, let him chase you. Instead of calling him every single and planning for spending a pleasurable time with him, make him call you for discussing plans. Wait, the point to be noted is that, you do not have to nod a YES to him everytime. Rather, destroy some of his plans by stating that you are busy with somewhere or you have some plans with your friends. This will surely push him towards making a more special place in your life.

Gaaah! My boyfriend just told the world he's breaking up with me, on Facebook...


Ask him Personal Questions

It may sound too early, but, that’s seriously gonna work. Making your desired better half comfortable, you need to pick up his interesting chords. Asking him intimate questions will obviously lead both of you to an elevated level of intimacy. Plus, it will also help in keeping you in his caring list of members as now, you care about his emotions. Do not make him feel scratched with your pawing questions about his past, but, make it simpler about asking him about his interest in relationships. This will surely make him switch to you and will make him feel he wants more of you.

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# Wear your Best Skin

It takes you hours to get dressed to look best in front of him so, be it worth ladies! It is a well known fact that men are visually biased species, who first notice about your looks rather than your sweet or caring nature. In order to make him fall for you on his knees, there’s nothing wrong in covering an extra mile in your beauty department. We all love it when we find men checking us out, don’t we? So, just maintain same hotness in front of your man too.

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# Don’t let him Stay over at Night

This might be a little difficult for you, but, you NEED TO STICK TO IT. All you may be wanting from him at night will be to make you feel hot under the sheets and it’s quite natural, but, you need to control your desires just to make him feel more for you. You can, however throw a bait at him by wearing a sexy short dress and showing off your little cleavage. His lusty thoughts and your sexy appearance might make him pounce on you, but, don’t let him have what’s rightfully yours. Remember the chasing point? Let him crave for you ladies by chasing you all the way!



# Take him somewhere Awesome

Taking him to different and undiscovered places reflects on your spunky personality. It will make him learn and discover more about you. Apart from having a fairytale romantic date, you can step out of the box and can take him for a rock climbing, crazy museum, exotic cuisine or even for salsa classes. Just take help from the web or ask your friends to find such good places and you will be able to mark your good impression on him.

So, get up ladies and make him fall for you on his knees every single time you meet him. Just remember, if men are dogs, then there are ways to collar them. 😉