Tell-all Signs He is Falling For You!!

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. There are several qualities which a woman wish men had. Your involvement with a guy often pops one question in your mind “Does he love me, or he is just playing with my emotions”

He talks well, is nice to you but you have no idea that his feelings are true or not… High time to come out of the “he is not that much into you” mode… dwindling is not mah ishhtyle… pick up the clues and nail it! As a thumb rule, which seldom fails, men are not verbally expressive but they leave trails. But there are few signs which show that your guy is head over heels in love with you… Okay, all you love birdies out there go hunting for these tell it all signs he is falling for you!


He Shows Interest in Your LIFE

Do you find him asking a lot many questions about you annoying?? Don’t!! Its the first simplest signs he is falling for you and so is taking all interest in your life. Trying to incorporate himself in your likes and dislikes and everything about you. Ooo let him in babe!!


If He Calls and Texts You for NO REASON

He calls for no reason, sometimes to just say “i reached office”… everyone does it specially in the #whatsapp, #viber, #hike, #line, #wechat days!!  Texting is FREE…. What’s special..??? You are special!! He wants to show you are important to him. The more banal and mundane his texts and calls get, the more crazily and stupidly he is falling for you!


Invites You to HIS SOCIAL Circle

Basically its the band of his buddies. Don’t frown and prance if you get to know his buddies know weird things about you… that’s a sign he keeps talking about you non-stops!!fallinginlove

He will Skip his Adult Time with His Friends for You!

Yea, the boys bashes, ESPN time, walking with the doggy, watching dvds etc all skipped to be with you. Even if you two do nothing all the time… its the Big thing girlie! Spending his leisure ME time with you is clue you might but miss.. if you were not smart!!

#twilight couple


‘Does this shoelace matches with this tie’… don’t take it as a WTF moment. Your opinion counts darling, give him some style advice, tell him how handsome and suave he looks. Shower some praises and see the twinkling smile.. He is in love!


A Real Lover Never Stops ROMANCING You

He makes sure his time with you is never interrupted. He will shift his schedule even if its hard, to make time for you. Of course, he wont tell… (you may take him for granted… he fears that too!) you gotta catch the clues when he picks up your call even when his boss is nosing him down. He will reply back every text even if its a “hmm” … okay that’s annoying but that’s the signs too!!


Talks about The Future His Dreams and the Relationship

That’s my favorite part. Even if he is not mentioning you specifically, the fact is he is sharing all this with you and that does mean you are a part of his future plans. You are all over him and yet you are looking for clues if he is serious about this relationship…. Olright, have some more!!


He NEVER Leaves you in your bad times

It is the most vital sign of a relationship. In those tough moments, he makes you feel better, baby sits you in sickness, caresses your fears…etc., Minus the melodrama… which it hardly is, he cares and he will show it by being with you even if you had a pimple on your nose!



He does not leave your hand… even if you have to juggle your purse and take a call and write something on a paper and blah blah blah…. Lingering handshakes, hello hugs are some other opportunities which he tries to grab… and kisses… those sweet, long, passionate and ohh so much warm!! Specially the hugs… the hugs tell you all!!!

touchy feely

If any of the above hints hogs you like “me too”… congratulations!! The Cupid hit him hard!!

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